toe rail damage


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Hi everybody; this is one of those "just when the forecast said 30 knots" stories. Ernesto measured 60 at the marina. I fared fairly well; didn't sink like some did. I'd like to know the extent of damage from the cracks (open fissures) in the toe rail. I doesn't appear to be serious at 1st blush but sea water got in and down into the cabin. This makes me wonder if something inside the hull, an inner wall might have been compromised. Simply: What can go wrong in there? Also can anyone recommend a fibreglass man (or woman!) in the chesapeake bay area?



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I'd have it surveyed to be sure that nothing truly horrible has happened. Your insurance will probably cover that. As to repairs; what part of the Bay are you in?

Jeff Asbury

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Sorry you sustained the damage.

If you have the thick rub rail below the toe rail I would inspect that by taking the rubber part out and remove the plastic extrusion it is seated in as well. You may have deck / hull separation there judging from the looks of your toe rail damage. When I bought my boat I had this problem. I got my boat as a repo with no history of what may have happened, but I was able to repair it.

Sorry you sustained the damage, I am sure you will get it back together.

I agree with Shadowfax, have it surveyed professionally first.