Top down furling gennaker for an E25+ fractional rig?


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New jib is the only usable head sail. Wondering about a light wind head sail suitable for single handed use. Short bowsprit not inconceivable. Clearly the boat previously had a spinnaker and there is a larger block on the forward edge near the top of the mast. Would a new all purpose gennaker with top down furling be unreasonable?

Brad Johnson

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I have a E26 -2 and installer a Selden retractable sprit for my A sail, not that much involved to install and I think would be better than top down Furler.

Loren Beach

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A rigger friend of mine has mentioned that the TD Furlers are expensive. Very.
Perhaps pick up on a good used asymmetrical spinnaker and if you short handed add a sock to dowsing and deploying .


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Went with Selden retractable sprit and Facnor FX900 furler (not top down). North Sails Code 55 on order. Mast coming down this fall for maintenance and new halyard arrangement. Old Harken Mark2 foil is kinked and the headstay is 15 years old (probably 40). Considering a new stay and jib furler.