Universal Engine parts on Long Island

C Masone

Perfect Storm
Any suggestions on where to gat parts for Universal on Long Isalnd? Or diesel parts and service in general?


Sustaining Partner
Many parts can be found at Kubota tractor dealers if you have the exact part number. The marinized stuff can be ordered from Hansen in Marblehead, MA and probably get to you in a day.

C Masone

Perfect Storm
Thanks for the info, we don't really have tractor dealers here, more like landscaper supplies! I buy most of my stuff on the internet (bought my boat on ebay) but I'm Italian and have to talk with my hands, thus the desire to find a local supplier!


I have a number for a Mr Randazzo, who was, for many years, the Universal dealer in Port Washington. He retired some years ago, but still maintained his connections. When all else failed, he was the only one that was able to secure for me, the proper exhaust elbow for my M-12. You might try this phone number, and see if he (I think that his first name is Paul) is still involved. 516-767-1666.
I'd be interested to know how you make out.