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unknown fluid


Shawn Simmons
I have an unknown light green fluid that sprays out of an unknown location at the stern. it appears to come from a overflow type fitting. the fluid almost feels like antifreeze, kind of slick.
I have raw water cooled engine so no antifreeze.

Dave G.

1984 E30+ Ludington, MI
What boat & engine ? I presume the engine is running when this occurs ? You could trace the hose from the "unknown" fitting to it's source and that may help diagnose the issue.

Christian Williams

E381 - Los Angeles
Senior Moderator
Blogs Author
Fill out your profile. Put info in signature line ( Username/Signature). It will appear under every post.

There are many models of Ericson and Olsen and discussion requires such details.

Tin Kicker

Sustaining Member
As Christian said, more detail is needed to even start.

What did it smell like? Sweet? Like diesel? Trans fluid?

Also, do you have any components which could have hydraulic fluid, such as an autopilot, shock strut, etc?
Whisky compass still full?