User Email Addresses & Bounced Mail Policy

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Sean Engle

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Updating Email Addresses & Bounced Mail Policy


It is important that all users update their email addresses when they change ISPs (Internet Service Provider), or otherwise change the email address associated with their EY.o account. If you just want to stop all email from your EY.o account, please see this thread.

Why update your profile? Well, when you create an account, and post or reply to messages, a link is made between that post and your account. As a result, any subsequent replies to that thread will be brought to your attention via email - automatically - by the server. These settings can be adjusted, and you can also limit which threads are subscribed to (see your User CP for these settings - and image three below).

This email traffic generated by the server is very helpful - as it will notify you if someone has replied to threads you've participated in, etc. However, if you've changed email addresses (dumped your old AOL account, etc), but not bothered to update your EY.o Information Exchange profile email address, the outbound mail bounces (fails) and is returned to me - the Admin of of EY.o.

'Why is that a big deal?', you ask... Well, once enough bad mail from our servers hits the mail servers on any one host (Say, AT&T or AOL) they think we're spamming them - and blacklist us (ban email access to ALL users at that ISP). In January 2006, I had to petition AT&T to remove us from their email blacklist for this very reason.

Updating your email address is very simple. You only need to be logged in, and then
  • Click on the 'User CP' button at the top of the Information Exchange - see image one below...
  • Click on 'Edit Email and Password' - see image two below...
  • Update the fields with your new email address, and then hit 'Save'.

Voila! Email problem solved.

What will happen if you don't update your account with your new email address? Read on...

EY.o User Account Policy:
In an effort to preserve the reputation of the email system (to prevent blacklisting), it is the policy of the Information Exchange that those users who do not update their email addresses and as a result, generate failed mail, will have their thread subcriptions automatically deleted.

After we've made notifications/requests for the update of the email address, if additional posts are made without updating the profile, then the user account will subjected to restrictions and possible lockout.

Please email us at for further information.
Your cooperation in this effort is appreciated.



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