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Video of "Normal" Exhaust from Waterlift Muffler

Christian Williams

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What's "normal?"

Beats me, but this heat exchanger was recently boiled out and all cooling system hoses replaced.

So at least this is what the exhaust water looks like on an engine that currently runs reliably at 180 degrees under all conditions.

Note that there is no steam to speak of in this video made at noon on an 80-degree day with 75 percent humidity.

Yet I often see steam at startup and while motoring. I think it has to do with the dew point, and perhaps also with hot exhaust temps after extended running.

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That's not a lot of water. Mine is very similar, but vapor is apparent at my transom. I'll be taking your advice and boil out the heat exchanger. As I thought about my timeline of reduced water flow, I believe my mixing elbow change out may be the source of reduced flow. Thanks Christian.