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I ordered new vinyl lettering for my sailboat name and port from www.lettering.com.
This is my second time using them.

When I applied the lettering, the main wording looked different and did not appear to be the same font. I called to explained and I was prepared to provide a picture, they looked at the graphic and realized that they cut of the first and last letter because I had a 'can' effect applied and they assume most wanted the first and last letter slightly cut off due to the lettering being squeezed.
I was prepared for some push back because this is not what was intended and before I could return a conversation, they immediately said, we will make you a new one and send it out the next day.

It is sad these days when you get good customer service from a business and you are surprised. When something is not right or what was intended, the reaction of others is what shows a true character of the person or business.
If you are looking for vinyl lettering, I would recommend this company.

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I used them too and was really pleased. The lettering I ordered was exactly made to what I put down, but on the boat I thought it looked wrong. Because their price was so reasonable I wasn't tempted to just see if I'd get used to it. Ordered a new set which came out the way I envisioned and will use them again. fwiw, this is a really small business and I always try to support those.


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For past reference this is the site formerly known as diylettering.com and they were just as awesome then too! The url redirects.
I know there are past forum mentions and rave reviews. Maybe it's obvious, but just trying to provide some continuity.

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So glad I thought to check here for suggestions, this company, www.lettering.com is much easier to design with that some of the other places I was experimenting with. Of particular note, when picking fonts, the "Compare fonts with your text" button on the font picker page shifts from generic font samples to the font sample list with your own text or boat name. Super helpful!


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Just a suggestion - depending on how OCD you are, it may be worthwhile to check whether a font chosen from those on-line pickers is available for your computer. If not, you may not be able to get quite the same look on future projects like boat stationery or T-shirts.
OTOH, if you have a font or logo that you like, you may be able to get them to print it as an image, rather than letters.