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I looking to repower my 1987 32' Ericson. The overall condition of the boat is good with many upgrades and excellent interior. Given the age of the vessel however, I would like to use a good-running used motor. Current engine runs OK but is getting noisy(5000 hrs.) and has a slight roll at low rpm's. Am considering selling after repower. Would prefer N.E location for pickup.
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Loren Beach

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Why buy someone else's problems?

The start of our project is mentioned here:

And, I have several Blog entries on this site about the changeover.

If you decide to put in a new engine, you will like it so much that you will want to keep your boat another ten years!

Not trying to be 'flip' but please do all the $ math for a rebuild and re-install.
New wiring harness, probably new panel, replace exhaust, new torque plate, very likely a new transmission, tear down and rebuild the short block, seals, etc, and some more etc.

I would guess that you will wind up with, to a shopper somewhere down the road, a still-OLD engine, and be out the $$ for 2/3 of a new one.
I had one offer for my old running M25XP, and that was for 1K, plus some shipping. Really not a good deal for me or the buyer, unless he also owned a machine shop. (?)

You have enough hours (twice what I had) on your existing engine that it now owes you nothing more. It has served you well....

Further: I have helped a friend with some little projects in the engine compartment of his 32-3. There is darned little room to spare in there at all. It's a very tight space.
The smaller dimensions of the Betamarine 25 would help quite a bit.
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Christian Williams

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I'm Curious how a boat gets 5,000 hours on the diesel. Any obvious explanation?

That's something like 170 hours a year for 30 years, which is an hour of motoring every other day.

On average. Wow.


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Have you done the basic checks on the old engine first? A compression check to ensure the rings are ok? A leakdown test to ensure the valves are seating? The injectors for sure will need replacing at this point and maybe the injection pump. The injectors can cause all kinds of extra noise. This engine should have a couple of thousand hours left in it before rebuild. A used engine comes with all kinds of unknowns including how it was treated in it's past life and how many hours it actually has on it. I would plan on a rebuild on any used engine I bought.

Christian, My boat had 2850 hours on it in 2013 and it now has 3100. Not hard to do a couple of hundred hours a year when the wind can be variable and you have to reach a pass before the tide rip starts moving in the other direction. I once spent two weeks in Desolation Sound and only had three days with wind. There's also recharging batteries in remote anchorages with two friges running (can't eliminate the cold beer). Terra Nova has kept on the run.


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Strong agree with Loren here. You can get a used M25XP for about $4k on eBay, and then spend $8k installing it and end up with *exactly* what you have now.. a tired old motor with hard to find parts that's making some strange sounds. Even in the best case, you might find a "rebuilt" M25 for $3k and you will still have a motor with unknown history and hard to find parts.

The alternative is spending $8k on a new Beta and have a modern, cleaner, lighter, smaller, more efficient engine with readily available parts that will give you decade(s) of worry-free use. Plus oil and fuel filters right up front.

The hard part of engine replacement is all the stuff that isn't the engine.

Christian Williams

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We use the engine about the same, by those numbers--50 hours a year, or so.

I'll start a poll to see what engine hours typically are, and the extremes.


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Christian, Neat! That will be a good thread. We'll find out how many people use their Ericsons as a power boat and how many have forgotten how to start the engine.


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Hey there! I just jumped on here to list my Ericson 35 and saw this post on top so figured I'd jump in. I have a Universal M25XPB with only 8 hours on it that was pulled from a Katrina boat. Was going to put it in my boat for good measure but found the engine mounts to be ever so slightly different from my old M25 and decided I didn't feel like doing the necessary modifications to make it fit and put the old one back in. Annoyingly, I JUST hauled it back to Florida from Annapolis with my trailer of other boat stuffs so it's pretty far from you but I am looking for 2k if you're interested.

It it does not include the gauge cluster, harness, transmission or bell housing, I ended up using those in my boat. However if you already have all of this, it could be a perfect fit for you.