Water Residue in Gas Tank


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I was given an old gas tank over the weekend. Lots of dirt on the outside and perhaps inside too, so I washed it with soap and water. The outside dried completely, but the inside seems to never dry. When I turn the tank upside down, one drop of water always comes out. I'm wondering, is a gas tank will a little water residue OK to use?



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Water residue

Well water in the fuel is not a good thing especially if its a diesel, but thats why there are water/fuel seperators in line so i guess that would catch it. What i would do though is buy some acetone from you local paint store. put some acetone in the tank like a cup full and swish it around and dump it out and throw the acetone waste away. Do this three or so times then let the tank dry a bit, any drops left in the tank should be mostly acetone which evaporates very quickly. If your engine has older gaskets that cant tolerate solvents (methanol, ethanol, acetone etc) in the system obviously don't do this. I would imagine however the acetone would evaporate completely leaving no residue. Remembern acetone is flamable and probably not too good for the health so use it and dispose of it properly.
hope this helps. If you wait long enough the water should evaporate completely unless its super humid out.



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water in tank...

you can also put in some alcohol. It will mix with the water and the gasoline and be burned through the engine assumming its just a small amount of water. Careful of fuel hoses if they are old. Some are not alcohol resistant. Small amount shouldnt hurt though.

Advance auto or any auto parts store will sell an additive that will absorb water. (alcohol based)