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Just by way of an update: Wefco Rubber still has replacement rubrail parts. Track/channel is now rubber rather than the original rigid PVC. $5 per foot for the channel/track, a bit less for the insert. Black and gray available. And Pete is still there dispensing terrific advice. Shortly after replacing the insert, I tangled with a pylon coming out of a slip in Fisherman’s Bay, Lopez Island, in a strong flood current. Should have listened to my wife who advised me to keep a line on the dock cleat. 40-year-old PVC shattered, so now I am doing the track.


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how did you know what to order or did Pete know what is needed for the Ericson family?
The previous threads list the product numbers, but Pete also knows quite a bit. For our E38, and many other models, it is 0422G for the track/channel and 4107 for the inserts. They have profiles of all the extrusions on their website. These print out very close to actual size. www.wefcorubber.com

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What year is your E38? By '84--perhaps by the advent of the 381 model about then--Ericson had gone to aluminum rub rail. That profile is no longer available.

Looks like the Wefco profile will cover the fiberglass hull/deck flange, which extends about 3/ths inch.

If you are satisfied with the installation, this will give later boats a very useful rub rail renewal option.

wefco rub rail profile 0422G.JPG
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Ours is a 1980, first year. That is indeed the profile. The side against the hull is about 2”, same as original so it should cover the space of the old one. Shipped yesterday, so I will know soon. Removed port side today, about 3 hrs, including scraping off the old adhesive and scrubbing clean. A rare project that took less time than expected.


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We used Wefco replacement rubrail on our 35-3 when another boat decided to snuggle too close to us. The boatyard was very confused when the outer rail arrived and as stated above, was not plastic, but more rubber. They tried hard, but it was found that one of the issues with the rubber profile Christian posted above is it really wanted to squish when they tightened the fastenings. It all went together in the end, but it doesn't have the nice smooth appearance that the original rubrail on our starboard untouched side has. I can confirm the insert is identical to the original.