What is a 'Moved Thread'?

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Sean Engle

Your Friendly Administrator
What is a 'moved thread?' Good question! :egrin:

When a thread you've placed has been 'moved' that means that the either the moderators or the administrator (me) felt that the subject matter was such that it should be in another forum. Mostly this is done to maintain category consistency, and avoid duplicate postings.

A good example might be a thread that was originally posted in the 'Cruising & Racing' forum. Since the topic of the thread was about the functioning of the board itself, we would move it to the Announcements & Support forum, where such questions are typically addressed.

When this is done, a redirect (a shortcut, pointing to the new location) is left in the originating forum where the author can find it easily - one only need click on it to open the thread. You can also go to your user Control Panel (small 'UserCP' button, seen at the upper left), and then to 'Subscriptions' to see all of your posts, or subscribe to others of interest.

We (EY.o) reserve the right to move, edit or delete any post as necessary - as we have to maintain the entire database of threads, weed out spam, and generally look after things.

Please let any of us know if you have further questions or concerns on this.

Not open for further replies.