What is this on my wheel drive?


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There is no mention of this that I can find in the Autopilot installation instructions or operating manual. It looks like it is for some kind of adjustment, judging from the graduated markings around the edge.



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I have the version before yours and that element is not on mine. Looks like it might be time to give that toll free number a call.


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Hey Guys, I have the same wheel drive, and I'm having an issue that the manual doesn't cover: The clutch lever slips and pops into the off position when the autopilot steers in one direction (to port I think), especially when sailing or motoring into the swell or upwind. Does anybody know how to correct this? I'm thinking about tightening the allen screw that attaches it, but not sure if that will work. i didn't have an allen wrench with me the last time it happened.


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My autopilot was doing the same thing, but only when it would steer to starboard. I took the wheel mount off and cleaned it up with PB Blaster. Put it back together and it is working fine. I was surprised how much "junk" I cleaned out. But then again the thing is very old, serial # 1 (just kidding).

Hope this helps.