What To Do When the Start Line is Becalmed at the Beer Can Race


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Great vid. Jealous of your engine panel. Is that a Shelta hat you're rocking? I love the way mine stays put, but don't love the way it fits. The stiff brim kinda hurts my forehead, and I've sized up. Have you found any other comparable sun hats?


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Thanks Tyler! I completed the engine panel refit a while back and have a blog post in the works for it here (if you're interested)

It is a Shelta hat! I wanted one that was bright orange because I figure if I ever fall in the water my head will be the only thing people will see -- aside from a lot of flailing about from the cold SF Bay water. The stiff brim doesn't treat my forehead very well either, but if I curve it like a baseball cap from time to time it gets a little better ;)