Where to buy this?

Bill Baum

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The previous owner of our boat built these plexiglass hatchboards. We want to build new duplicates. What do you call the ventilation piece mounted on the middle of this hatchboards, and where would I go to buy one of these? The ventilation piece is about 9x15", and has three slots for air flow, while still keeping out rain. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


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Frank Langer

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I have bought some in the past at our local marine chandlery, where they have them in various sizes, shapes and in white plastic or stainless steel. Not overly expensive, and can add needed ventilation in cabinet doors or other places where mould could develop without some air flow.


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I've bought "Louvered Ventilators" from West Marine that look similar to those. Made from ABS plastic, I believe. IDK how they'd work for exterior applications - you'd need to add a gasket I think.

Bill Baum

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Hi, guys, this is Bill, the OP. Thanks for the ideas. The West Marine vents are too small and don't come in clear or smoked plastic. It's not obvious in my photo but this component is a "smoked" plastic. I'm heading for the RV/camper people next. Maybe folks in the plastic fabrication business may know where to buy a component like this...