Why is My Account Showing as 'Banned'?

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Sean Engle

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Did you register some time ago, but never post a thread on the boards here at EY.o? And now, when you've returned, wanting to post, are you unable to login; instead getting messages about your account being 'banned'?

If you registered some time ago, but never posted, what you are probably experiencing is actually just an account 'restriction' placed by the system for security purposes.

Under our system, if the entire registration process is either not completed (the system sends an email once the on-line registration - to complete it, you must click on the link contained in that email to confirm your email address as legitimate), the account classification is placed under restricted access. Also, if one registers, but then never logs in again and never visits the site, the account is restricted automatically after an unspecified period of time.

Also, per EY.o policy, if your email address became invalid during this period, the system could have also have restricted you if any email sent to that address bounced (failed), and you correspondingly failed to update your email address. For more information on bouncing mail, updating your email address and the EY.o policy on bouncing mail, please see this thread.

These practices were put into place following the 2003 hacking incident which corrupted our database and took the Information Exchange down for several days. Any restricted account can be active again simply by sending us an email.

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