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What kind of boat is this?

Was at a fund raiser/membership meeting for an environmental non-profit my son happens to be the membership director for. In talking with a fellow member/sailor, it seems that he was boarded by the coasties off of Cumberland Head on Lake Champlain. The first question out of one of the green boarding crew asked was" What type of boat is this?" It went downhill from there. They wrote him up for not being able to readily locate his whistle. They ended up giving him one which he used at the meeting to assist the non-profit director in getting the attention of the 250+ gathered members. I was seated next to him and still have trouble hearing and I'm half deaf.

Loren Beach

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Sounds like (some of) the boarding crew was very green and afflicted with arrogance. Sometimes the combo of uniforms and automatic weapons can do strange things to young minds.

Our whistle is on a short lanyard on our horseshoe buoy in the cockpit, on a holder on the push pit.
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Here's my boarding:

Sixty miles offshore but only 20 miles from Sn Nicolas Island, which is a Navy base.

What isn't shown here is their attempt to board over the transom, where the wind vane is, and my statement "I am the captain of this vessel and you shall not be permitted to board the vessel in an unsafe manner" or some such stentorian declaration, and finally convincing them to come aboard amidships at the stays. Not an easy job even in small seas, and I was glad to give them the practice. My note is the log says "Farming lost two good candidates when these guys signed up." But later that seemed harsh.

I get a lot of guff from people who think my rights were violated, and that the USCG is "not allowed" to board boats in "International waters." As if it was Bonnie & Clyde, when the cops had to stop at the Ohio border and shake their fists in frustration.

Lately I have been sending people this mission statement:

The sub video helps show what they're up against these days.

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CW, I still crack up every time I paraphrase and attempt to share your most eloquent words, “Farming lost two great candidates that day” or something to that effect...

Being boarded is never a comfortable experience...

I asked my Admiral the other day what would happen if we hit one of those subs in the middle of the night?
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I wondered whether the sub crew might come up shooting, a prospect the boarder does not seem to take into account.

Also, the Spanish: "Ata tu barco?" How about "para!"? I must be missing an idiom, ata sounds like "tie up your boat."

I don't think these drug subs can submerge. They're low to avoid radar.