YES! ...It IS an Ericson, why do you ask??

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Amazing looking boat, y'all should be (and obviously are) very proud of her. Must be a great feeling to have that kind of inter-generational thing to share.


YES! smartly done.

During it ALL...we often asked ourselves about the “smartly” part given how long it actually went on! :egrin:

Got to say, now that it’s was WORTH ALL the efforts and expense. She’s better than new, rock solid and raring to go!


Just wanted to let you all know, CaryOn did her first “Real” race yesterday (Saturday 08/08/20). This is only her second time out sailing in well over 8+ years of re-fitting.

My son “Cary” and his wonderful Lighting sailor bride (Lindsey) double-handed, in JAM, our 32-II to a 1st in class and 2nd Overall. ...It was Lindsey’s first time on a “bigger boat” with a wheel instead of a tiller as well as being on CaryOn! ...Seems CaryOn and Lindsey bonded instantly as true sisters as Lindsey grew comfortable with a wheel in very short order.

Cary helped with some wise words of wisdom, “She’s bigger than a Lightning - so pretend your simply driving a Winnebago.” Sure enough, the “Snake Wake” straightened out in short order and Lindsey began to feel CaryOn talking softly back to her fingers on the wheel.

In spite of a roller furling Hood headsail at age 18+ and a closely aged old tape drive Mylar main - CaryOn actually still out pointed the competition and finished 2 & 1/2 minutes ahead (uncorrected handicap time) ahead of her 2nd place competition - a VERY capable sailor great friend with a well equipped and Bristol condition Tartan 30.

(Not too shabby for now an almost 48 year old boat! ...But then too, she IS an Ericson!)

In my now aging years, the racing is still fun but I dearly LOVE my cruising sunsets at anchor with wine, cheese, crackers and good friends. ...Regardless, it’s great to have such a boat that serves my racer son (and Lindsey) so well along with my own bride of 40 years and I with friends so comfortably!


Very pretty and congrats! son gets the majority of kudos with his hard efforts and engineering expertise to do everything above and beyond to the correct boating safety standards and regs. No corners were cut - only exceeded by him!


Amazing looking boat, y'all should be (and obviously are) very proud of her. Must be a great feeling to have that kind of inter-generational thing to share.

Thanks!! ...It truly is! My Dad and I started out brand new with her in ‘73 as half owners. She was a great bonding agent for us back then!

I bought him out in ‘84 and then several years later made my son half owner - as soon as he learned how to write his name.

Seems his growing up on the boat and with that sense of official ownership instilled in him a real feeling of responsibility and pride early on that stuck.

We’ve bonded well over the years and “CaryOn” certainly has proved to be the perfect generational common denominator of shared interests, memorable times of fun, adventures and work projects together...still to this day.


Over the years I’ve always found it difficult or infrequent to get many photos of our own boats under sail.

We were lucky enough yesterday (9/20/20) that a friend on the race committee boat snapped a couple photos as ‘CaryOn’ sailed past them.

We’ve just been using the Dacron head sail instead of our Mylar racing sail this year since racing was so “virus” restricted early on.

It was a perfect day with the first tinge of cooler fall temperatures, a bit more brisk breeze blowing and amazingly clear background skies of deeper blues. This was the first real test for her since putting in all new bulkheads, chainplates and strengthening the topmost rudder support.

‘CaryOn’ held up well with not even any creaks or groans. She seemed to want to go like a horse first out of the barn after a long winter!

My son and his wife have raced now about 3 or 4 times and taken either 1st or 2nds until today - they took a 3rd by a matter of but a few seconds against an Abbot with a very competent skipper.



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Yes, beautiful and shows lots of generational pride!!

Interesting...The title to this thread is "Yes, this is an Ericson, why do you ask?".....well, we got a new neighbor boat 3 slips down at our marina...I went over yesterday to offer a welcome..."She" asked which boat was ours...I said " its the Ericson 3rd boat down...the response "Oh, that's a real sailboat"! Whaaat? I am almost embarrassed with the constant praise of Ericson's..this is the 4th time in the last 2 months!!! I say "almost".