O34 Carbon Fiber Radar Pole Project

When I started this re-fit, I knew that either the old aluminum radar pole would need to be totally refinished or replaced. It was 1/4" wall aluminum pipe, and while super strong, I thought it was too heavy. Further, it is mounted on the port side of the transom, and the port side is the heavy side on an Olson, so having any added weight there is a bad thing. And no, a starboard side mounting is out due to conflicts with other structure inside.

The old pole weighed 35 #, and then...
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  • Alum & finished Carbon poles .JPG
    Alum & finished Carbon poles .JPG
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  • Three Layers of Alum Plate.jpg
    Three Layers of Alum Plate.jpg
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  • Stern Pole.jpg
    Stern Pole.jpg
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  • Poles, old&new bases.JPG
    Poles, old&new bases.JPG
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  • Poles, hull plates.JPG
    Poles, hull plates.JPG
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  • Pole top detailed.jpg
    Pole top detailed.jpg
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  • Radar post new, top plate.jpg
    Radar post new, top plate.jpg
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