O34 Deck & handrails, Casting Procedure(page 2)

The new SS hand rails are ready and have been trial fitted and they do indeed match the existing hole spacing. Cost totaled up more than new teak ones, but not a lot. Our host sourced the polished 316 oval tubing. He also cut the pieces -- sloped cuts for the ends, and short round ss uprights for each bolt location. The new bolts are 5/16, and are welded in to each base. I believe that they really match the "style" of the Olson. But then I would say that!

Note that the spacing for all the...
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  • Rail trial fit, old holes faired.jpg
    Rail trial fit, old holes faired.jpg
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  • SS  rail, trial fit O-34.jpg
    SS rail, trial fit O-34.jpg
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  • Steering Quadrant O-34.jpg
    Steering Quadrant O-34.jpg
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  • Rail Buffing.jpg
    Rail Buffing.jpg
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    Jig for welding layout.jpg
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    Jig closeup.jpg
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