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    Join us on July 22ndat 7pm EDT

    for the CBEC Virtual Meeting

    The Chesapeake Bay Ericson Club (CBEC) is hosting special discussion on:

    Special Guest: Mr. Matt Benhoff,

    Vice President, Annapolis School of Seamanship 

    Topic: Annapolis School of Seamanship Basic Diesel Engine Course

    All EYO members and followers are welcome to join the fun and put a face to the names you've been seeing on the site!

    See the link below for login credentials and join us!

    July Meeting Info

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    ...3 Years in the Making:

    Join Us for the 2022 Ericson Pacific Northwest Rendezvous!

    Due to Covid and all that it brought, our annual tradition was put off for some time. Now it's back with a vengeance!

    Please join us July 22-24 at Genoa Bay, BC Canada for fun, games and we'll learn something as well (maybe).

    Click Here for More Info

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E38 Exploring Mexico earlier this year - YouTube channel

A couple of YouTube videos retracing the voyage of our Ericson 38 in Mexico (and beyond when the time comes) that I thought might be of interest.
It's in Turkish and English, even sometimes French, but always with English subtitles.
Team Bouchon Sailing YouTube channel
It was originally created for Yalcin's (my partner) Dad which explains why he talks to him, I hope you will enjoy coming...
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