O34 Gear Removal Progress

As of yesterday we have everything removed from the deck except the wheel/binnacle, cockpit seat, and (saved for last due to safety concerns) the perimeter lifelines/stanchions.
The photos show some construction details. Our shroud connection at the deck is conceptually like the Ericson's but uses a SS piece on top with bronze thru bolts to the standard Aluminum machined plate below. Note the familiar Navtec headed rod that comes upward from the alum. round bar glassed into the side grid...
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  • Alum. Bar under Deck.JPG
    Alum. Bar under Deck.JPG
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  • Mast House Top.JPG
    Mast House Top.JPG
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  • Genoa Track Holes.JPG
    Genoa Track Holes.JPG
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  • Head Compartment Messs.JPG
    Head Compartment Messs.JPG
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  • Shroud Deck Connector, Bronze thru bolts.JPG
    Shroud Deck Connector, Bronze thru bolts.JPG
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  • Shroud Plate & Rod Top.JPG
    Shroud Plate & Rod Top.JPG
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