O34 New Paint on Deck

We had a short visit to the shop today. Significant work has been done.
Multiple coats of color and the top clear coats are on, or mostly on. Tomorrow should start the sanding & buffing.
The paper patterns laid down here and there are where the painter stood while painting -- those are over surfaces that will be later sprayed with the non skid color. At this point the paper provided a path for the painter to stand on. The clear coats have some slight orange peel, and all that will go away...
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  • Starb side ddeck 1-21-21.jpg
    Starb side ddeck 1-21-21.jpg
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  • Foreward deck 1-21-21.jpg
    Foreward deck 1-21-21.jpg
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  • Cockpit painted 1-21-21.jpg
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  • Aft paint progress 1-21-21.jpg
    Aft paint progress 1-21-21.jpg
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  • new paint cabintop 1-21-21.jpg
    new paint cabintop 1-21-21.jpg
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