O34 Transom Thruhulls back in

Today the Admiral and I got almost all of the transom SS parts back in. They had started out shiny years ago, and I was able to quickly buff them up again. Most of the thruhulls are stamped "316", which is a good thing.

The pair of molded-in recesses are for the cockpit drains and are kind of an Olson trademark feature. No particular functionality unless one wanted to put a "flap" back flow preventer across each one to try to keep a following sea from invading thru the drain, perhaps...
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  • bilge outlet & exhaust.jpg
    bilge outlet & exhaust.jpg
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  • stern pieces all on.jpg
    stern pieces all on.jpg
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  • Backstay tang on.jpg
    Backstay tang on.jpg
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  • O-34 inside transom partial thruhulls in.jpg
    O-34 inside transom partial thruhulls in.jpg
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  • O-34 radar post hole and base.jpg
    O-34 radar post hole and base.jpg
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  • cockpit drain (s) done.jpg
    cockpit drain (s) done.jpg
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  • Inside transom, hoses restored.jpg
    Inside transom, hoses restored.jpg
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