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    January 14th EYO Virtual Meeting Come Meet Mark Blace

    My gosh, that was an excellent meeting! So good! Thanks for your time, Mark B. That was truly outstanding. A couple of suggestions for you, Mark S: The free Zoom account with the 40-min. time limit is a real negative, especially with such quality speakers. (I would have enjoyed hearing more...
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    Ericson 31 Independence (1979)--San Diego, CA

    Just happened across this one on Craig's List:
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    Racor 500FG bushing adapter

    Yeah, I've found that this issue with exorbitant shipping happens all too often. Glad you were able to find them for less at Fisheries.
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    Racor 500FG bushing adapter

    Is this what you are talking about?
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    Cleaning the headliner

    Just thought I should report back. I tried the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on my headliner and it actually did a pretty decent job. It’s much cleaner than it was before.
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    Sailboat on the rocks at Descanso Beach (Catalina Is.)

    Just checked the webcam and it's gone, so they pulled the boat off the rocks! I still haven't heard back from Ron to get the story behind this grounding, and now removal.
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    Sailboat on the rocks at Descanso Beach (Catalina Is.)

    The Avalon Harbor Department is fussed about it--I can tell you that.
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    Sailboat on the rocks at Descanso Beach (Catalina Is.)

    I was looking at the Descanso Beach webcam (Catalina Island) and noticed that there is a sailboat on the rocks. Anyone know the story behind this grounding? I've texted my friend Ron, who is a supervisor for the Avalon Harbor Patrol, but I've not heard back. I'll report back any info he might...
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    no waste holding tank

    Thanks for sharing this, Gabriel. I was unaware of this model. And you are absolutely right: there would be no problem hooking this into one's existing FW system. I checked to see what Peggy Hall had to say about it on the SBO forum, since she's world's guru on marine sanitation. She gives it a...
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    no waste holding tank

    You never, ever want to plumb a marine head into the potable water system.
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    Tragedy East of Florida

    You are very welcome! Any time! (Especially since Mark is the one doing all the work..... :) )
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    no waste holding tank

    Right. Go with a "MSD" (marine sanitation device) model and plumb it for pump out and/or overboard discharge. You don't want to be schlepping 5 gallons of waste when you have to dump it out. I have a Thetford 550P MSD. It's plumbed through a macerator pump so I can empty it when I'm 3 miles...
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    Come and meet Sean Engle

    Really looking forward to it! I sure hope nothing keeps me from attending as happened with the last meeting. If all goes as planned and the weather permits, I'll be joining you from my boat over at Catalina (likely Isthmus Cove or Cat Harbor). I've got a bunch of end of semester grading to do...
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    Ignition coil head scratcher

    How would adding a ballast resistor (i.e., assuming the calculations show it is needed) be introducing a point of potential malfunction to the system? There's a strong body of evidence that adding one is necessary to *prevent* a common malfunction, i.e., when/if the current is at or above 4...