Donation Policy - Donation Policy

Donation Policy is not a commercial website; it does not charge for the usage or dissemination of the information it provides, nor does it rely on commercial activity such as equipment sales or third party advertising to pay it's costs.

Starting in 2004, the website became entirely reliant upon support from its users. Once a year we ask users to contribute to support this site. This takes the form of small donations which, with good turnout, manages to pay the annual hosting bill, URL payments and related software expenses of the site.

If you would like to contribute, you may do so by either sending a check (made payable to Sean Engle) to the address shown below, or with a major credit card via Paypal through the link below.

Please note that this donation is not tax-deductable, neither is it a subscription nor a fee-for-service agreement. It is simply a donation to help defray EY.o's operating expenses.

Inquiries on this policy should be made via the Contact Us Link below.

Thank you so very much for your gracious support of!


via check to:

Sean Engle
PO Box 383
Jaffrey, NH


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    Jan 24, 2020
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