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    The turkey is finally gone and you know what that means...

    Welcome to EY.o 2021-2022 Fund Raising Season!

    This is the time of year we come to you to help support the website. Updated information on the hows and whys of fundraising may be found in the post below.

    Thank you for your continued support of EricsonYachts.org!

    Notice on 2021-2022 Fund Raising

User Agreement & Liability/Disclaimer Notice

About Us

User Agreement
Liability/Disclaimer Notice

Access and use of the EY.o site consitutes agreement with the policies both cited herein, and those in development.

User submissions (including posts, written submissions, images and other items submitted, either via post or email) become the property of EY.o unless otherwise stated.

Users agree to maintain active, valid email addresses and to update their profile information when these addresses change. Additionally, user agrees to maintain their profile information, including Occupation, Location, Boat Information and any associated biographical information contained their blog profile or elsewhere in the site to maintain site/thread/blog continuity - including if the user is discontinuing use of the site.

Users may cease to have contact made to them via the site, or it's users simply by contacting the Administrator via the 'Contact Us' link or by direct conversation.

Users agree to follow the guidelines established for use of the site, including the forums, blogs, media galleries and resource downloads.

Sean Engle and the administrators, volunteers, and financial supporters of EricsonYachts.org in no manner guarantee, support or lay claim to, ideas, suggestions or directions given on this site, and assume no liability from the outcome or use of such material by any of its members, visitors, or users. We in no manner guarantee the accuracy of any document found on this site, nor assume any liability from them.

The intellectual ownership and copyright/trademark status of materials on this site are verified on an ongoing, case-by-case basis. The Ericson name and logo were property of Pacific Seacraft Corporation until their recent bankruptcy. Some of the images on this site are the property of King Photos, and have been reproduced with their permission. Other images and materials are forwarded to us by our users or may have come to www.EricsonYachts.org via other indirect means.

EY.o takes no position on private commerce or private business relationships between registered members. EY.o does prohibit the use of the site for commercial reviews for financial gain. EY.o takes no issue in a user providing a review/suggestion as long as it is in context with a discussion already underway at the time of the review.

Other than rejecting registrants who appear to be automated (bot) or human spammers/hackers, there is no mechanism to vet the participants or their comments. When user activity appears to imply that the user is actually a bot or is otherwise unwilling/unable to follow site requirements, EY.o reserves the right to ban the user(s) for an set period - possibly permanently.

Accordingly, disagreements between members which cannot be resolved to their mutual satisfaction will result in EY.o ceasing the related activities on the site. If the parties involved in the dispute do not then move their argument to another venue, EY.o reserves the right to ban the user(s) for an set period - possibly permanently.

Questions or comments regarding the user agreement, the ownership or associated liability of anything you see on this site may be forwarded to us via the Contact Us link below.

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