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    Hurricane Sally

    Good to see you made it through. No doubt you prepped it well and had a great deal of luck.
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    Doggy Come Sail

    A block and line on the boom end to a winch was used to raise and lower my Australian Shepard over the side. I would tie a backup line to his harness and use this and the handle of his life jacket to hoist on. A snatch block would have been useful. Once he understood what was happening, he would...
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    Doggy Come Sail

    Hey, PM member Mark F about how he changed the first step in his E27. Keep in mind the idea. Mark did an amazing job and I have seen other variations on the idea done more simply. The larger landing and shorter steps would be great for dogs. My dog pasted last year and in his later years had...
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    Best way to attach a cleat to mast?

    Are you guys forgetting that in most cleat applications the force is in shear on the fasteners? Pulling out threads is less of a concern. Fine pitch threads work well in thin aluminum. In fact you want a minimum of three threads! So for 1/4-20 thread in .125 thick material, 20 x .125= 2.5...
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    Fuel tank polishing

    I suspect you mean fuel polishing? Taken from an online definition. Fuel polishing is the technical cleaning process used to remove or filter microbial contamination from oil and hydrocarbon fuel in storage. It is essentially the removal of water, sediment and microbial contamination from such...
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    Ant way to deal with using reverse on 27' OB version?

    Gaviate Totally agree with you. After owning an E27, Tiller, Outboard combo for 18 years. You summed up exactly what i have learned about going in reverse and not doing to the outboard bracket is also the best move. The motor is just too heavy and takes away from the boats looks. Not worth it...
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    YAHOO! Yet Another Haul Out Outline

    Bryan, October-November is the nicest time to sail on SF bay. Warm, less fog and less ducking in the lee of Angel Is. If you are new to sailing on the bay, this is the best time of year! Save all that work for the winter.
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    Single hand reefing...thoughts on this idea >>>

    Not when you are alone, have to go forward to hook the horn and pull lines, with no autopilot on a river in 20 knots of wind.
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    Ericson 26 head water supply

    Thought it might serve as a tank vent as well.
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    Single hand reefing...thoughts on this idea >>>

    I have been experimenting with a single-line reef on my Ericson/Olson 911 (30ft) the friction can be solved with a few well placed blocks (and the new friction less devices). It's really the length of line needed (2nd reef at 80'+) on a larger boat's main sail that is the problem. The line on...
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    1976 E27 - Replacement Spreaders

    I believe the dimpling is caused by people putting on too much tension on the shrouds. I never had a problem with the 47 year old spreaders. Ben, I would suggest having that welded and ground. Look like an easy repair at it would be far less boat dollars.
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    It was an expensive weekend...[Jib Shredded]

    In the Bay Area, If you want a new sail to finish out the season. SailWarehouse. Reasonable quality for the price and really fast if they have a sail that would work in stock. Measure your old sail, give them a call. Then you can sail and order a new sail from whomever you choose. BTW a...
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    E32 Boom/Gooseneck Fitment & Rehab

    Spring loaded center punch is really nice for locating drilled holes. I keep one handy on the boat even though I hate drilling holes.
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    Ericson 27 Hardware replacement suggestions.

    Sold my E27 this April. Did all the upgrades except furler. Used Harken on almost everything. Like the light weight blocks and ubiquity (West, Defender, and many other sites). Personal opinion, but Garhauer is overkill for the 27. Unless your taste for stainless is a high priority. For all...
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    Is this a fair price???

    I don't think $300 is too high these days for labor. Maybe I'm just getting use to seeing these prices be that way all over. Have you had your home AC serviced these days! Maybe ask yourself, what would I charge if I were to do the job? I might have considered diving it without tanks to install...