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    Sail Slug Strength

    My E27 has had a loose footed main for the past 15 years. Are you kidding? Works fine. I have a spinpole sleeve that rides in the groove as well. Best thing about the loose foot... reef lines are free to pass under! Take your sail to a loft and have the bolt rope removed and converted to loose...
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    A Spinnaker thought

    If the pole is on the inside or the forestay (too short), the kite's guy end clew will hit and rub on the forestay. You need a longer pole!
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    Suggestions for EY.o Version 5?

    Very nice. Thank you Sean
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    Genoa car low friction rings

    Looks like a great idea. Let us know how it goes!
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    Re-bedding ports

    Butyl tape on the frames for me too. Sailing causes so much movement over time and the port cutouts on my E27 look like it was done by a 5th grader. Must have been a done on a Friday! The butyl tape is real forgiving and great if you ever want to remove the port later for some reason.
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    Ericson 29 replacement tiller

    Tenders, Looks like someone added those brackets to the tiller head. Nice idea! Maybe a piece of machined teflon in that shape might be a better choice for wear and lubrication.
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    25 Plus Outboard

    donnie10f, Good choice with the 6HP. What good is the motor if it's too heavy to handle. I have an E27 with a 9.9 and it's overkill as 1/2 throttle is hull speed. Keep in mind that when the wind kicks up, your best bet in gettting around are still your sail(s). I have gone to the motor on a...
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    Ericson 29 replacement tiller

    I did that! A few years back (6 or 7 actually). The tiller split on a lamination so I glued it and drove screws through the bottom to hold it all together (looked good from above). I keep that one as a spare backup. That happened when H and L in SoCal was just closing its doors. I was able to...
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    Questions about replacing those trailer plugs

    Just my 2 cents. My intermittent starting problem turned out to be a ground problem. Terminal was clean but the connection between wire and terminal was the issue. Crimped terminal had corroded. I cleaned and soldered it - no more issues. However the time and money spent was disheartening.
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    Heaving to

    I agree with HerbertFriedman. Sheet the jib tight! it will de-power it if it seems to win. Hard over with tiller lashed too.
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    Ericson 30 + For Sale

    Anyone here know the history of this boat? Previous owner? Race results? Anything?
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    New '78 E-34T Owner

    Hey Susan, Welcome. I'm in Antioch. Where are you on the delta? Rio Vista?
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    Lazy Jack Pros and Cons

    Love the idea! I usually just play the game of steering the boom straight while raising sail. Sometimes it works- sometimes not. This makes the most sense. Thank you.
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    What safety eq / spares are absolutely essential?

    I don't have one yet. A Laser emergency distress signal. These are small enough to put in your backpack...
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    Wax on the deck?

    Got this recommendation from a racer friend some time ago. Silicone grout sealer (Meant to be used to seal tile and concrete floors). It prevents stains and mildew from penetrating porous gel-coat, is non-skid almost sticky, and seems to work pretty well on my 46 year non-skid deck.