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    Sail Slug Strength

    The mainsail on my sloop is the first sail I've had with the foot attached to the boom. Windsurfing is mast and clew.
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    Propeller Shaft repair Ericson 38

    Same question for Ericson 32-III?
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    Anyone Recognize this Boat ?

    "Bronze MX25" might get someone a boat?
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    Intro Splash Screen

    Thanks - I was having some sort of brain malfunction. ;)
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    Intro Splash Screen

    Not a big deal, but I dismiss the intro images when I log in, can we set a cookie to remember that choice?
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    Suggestions for EY.o Version 5?

    I love the "Like" button!
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    Chesapeake Ericson club

    The Boatyard Bar and Grill is fantastic, I hope you all enjoyed it!
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    Welcome to - v.5!

    Looking good! Thanks Sean.
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    Powerwashing - DOs and DON'Ts?

    How much bleach do you mix with the simple green?
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    Chesapeake Ericson club

    Pain Killers all around I bought that round. Seriously though, if we can do a mid week Annapolis meet up in sailing season, I will do my best to be there!
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    Holding tank monitor for E38-200

    I have the older monitor, it works great, installed 2 or 3 years ago when I replaced the hoses.
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    FS: Ericson Logo Vinyl Stickers

    Do you ever sell them in blue?
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    Honda Generator

    This is all great information, thank you. This is obviously something that warrants careful consideration, I appreciate your input.
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    Honda Generator

    I found this thread that was a reply to an earlier query by me. I missed it somehow.
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    Honda Generator

    Disclaimer - I understand the risks of using a portable generator and I am equipped with a CO detector. :egrin: For those of you who use a portable generator on the hook, where do you place it to run it? As most Ericsons do not have swim platforms I am interested in your ideas before I buy one...