Original owner of an Ericson 32 MKII (#256) purchased in '73
Heavily sailed the Bahamas, all of South Florida (both coasts), the Keys/Dry Tortugas and now reside in Michigan where we've extensively sailed Lake Erie and went from cruising to racing where she made us VERY proud. We've won numerous flags in local club races and events over the years. When we first started, others joked and said "Here comes that old Ericson." In short order, as our skills improved and the racing equipment was added, it became, "Here comes that darn Ericson again!"
One of her proudest race records was in 1999 on the Annual Trans Erie Race from Detroit to Erie, PA. We not only took 1st in our class but 1st overall and the record stood until the last year the race was held!

Ericson 32 MKII "CaryOn" (formerly "Big Diehl" in Miami)
She was purchased new from a dealer in Ft. Lauderd
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Ericson 32-2
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Originally Big Diehl - NOW - CaryOn (to be handed down to our son "Cary" for him to "CARY ON"
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Grosse Ile
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Former automotive designer/stylist and marketing