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  • Some follow up to our PMs and I also saw your post on the EY.org page. Rigging also can vary greatly, especially since owners often change it to suite their needs. You'll be looking for a slip to put her in. These boats are too big to step the mast in a parking lot and the oversize load thing makes them a pain to tow around anyway. I am on GSL myself and think its the best place. Unique and challenging sailing to be found there. Check out The Brine Flyer on facebook, you'll find some video. Utah Lake and Strawberry are also options. Bear has a long waiting list. There is a great sailing community at the GSL South Marina and the GSL Yacht Club is based there. Check out gslyc.org for them, and gslmarina.com for the marina. Again, I would be glad to looks your boat over and talk about what you will need to get her going. Your also welcome to come out on Goin' Rogue to see if its what you really want to. -Tim
    I saw your posting, and first of all get into a sail club whether you race or cruise the benefits will be priceless. Our club has a portsupply account so we see savings off retail at west marine as much as 50-60% off. In addition alot of the old sailors have a plethora of knowledge so instead of just blowing money ask questions.

    I posted this to the wrong person, however here ya go!
    just got a 26' sail boat and know nothing about it i have had power boats would love to learn sailing can anyone please give me pointers its in my driveway now i have no owners manual not sure how to find one online thanks
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