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    Elica per Ericson 38.200 [Propeller for...]

    Thanks - that what I thought (don't have the manual with me right now) I have a 2-blade prop. It's located too far aft of the keel for there to be a drag benefit from locking it vertically. But, it's quite close to the rudder - I wonder if there's better flow over the rudder in one orientation...
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    Elica per Ericson 38.200 [Propeller for...]

    Does any part of that practice (set in reverse) have to do with minimizing wear in the gearbox? I'd rather have more drag and less gearbox wear if that's the trade-off. Does the manual recommend putting it in reverse?
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    Solar and a bimini

    I finally finished my solar panel project this weekend and reinstalled the bimini (after taking it home for a thorough scrubbing and re-waterproofing). The two 100W Renogy monocrystalline panels are currently wired in parallel to a Victron 75|15 MPPT controller. The charge controller and the...
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    Stuffing Box & Packing Material Choices

    Thanks. I dug out the Manual tonight - said I need 1/8" packing... now I read the rest of the thread above, I see that's what Bryan used.
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    Stuffing Box & Packing Material Choices

    What's the correct size of packing flax? I'm guessing a 2' length is plenty?
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    Wow - looks like a free E38 project when you buy this trailer...

    I think he wants $8K for the trailer but he doesn't know how to get rid of the damn boat that's sitting on it.
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    Curiosity--Year of this "Ericson 38" (Ericson 35-1?)

    Looks pretty nice above decks, but no pics below decks???
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    Ericson 36C advice

    Old teak decks ... from what I've read/seen, they are a horror to remove and then to resurface the remaining decks. Is there evidence of water leaks below? I'm guessing, 'Yes - a lot of evidence'
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    E-32-2 thru hull replcement question

    Adding on to an old thread (couldn't find a more recent relevant one). I'm planning to replace all through-hulls (skin fittings) and seacocks next month. Does anyone know the diameter of the holes for the through-hulls that serve the seacocks?
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    35-2 Rudder Post Leak

    Are we seeing some 'flopping' side to side of the rudder in the fiberglass sleeve? As Christian said - try to pack the space between the sleeve and rudder post with grease via a zerk nossle. That may hold you.
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    2020 CG Documentation Scam Identification

    I receive a nice reminder letter from USCG about a month before renewal was due. I paid the $26 on-line, and received the new document about a week later. - easy peazy.
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    YAHOO! Yet Another Haul Out Outline

    I'm also planning my projects for a haul-out - first time since the inspection when buying my boat 3.5 years ago. At the risk of waking the ghost of the cutlass bearing replacement thread, can anyone tell me where to buy the cutlass bearing for a 32-3 (and what P/N to order)? Also - is it...
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    Solar and a bimini

    It's a really good idea to have a way to go up and down without any help at all - for lots of reasons. This is very good system - I researched this issue a lot on various caving, climbing and arborist forums and decided on the same system, which Ive been using for several about 5 years - it's...
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    1979 E30 2 Sunk during Isaias, worth saving?

    I'd suggest getting her pumped out and hauled out asap (to save the internal wood and the engine). Find out how/why she sank - maybe water just filled the cockpit and poured down below (instead of a through-hull hole?). Get advice/help to save the engine: getting possible water out of cylinders...
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    Oil consumption and running a diesel hard enough

    While we have this pic in front of us ... is the little wingnut on top of the cylinder in the center of the pic just to bleed the cooling system? ... if turned the wrong way, it'll sure lets a lot of coolant out in a short period with the engine running (... ask me how I discovered that)