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    Best sealant for leaks

    Great job! Thanks for sharing the pics.
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    Used Diesel?

    Do some Google searches - it took me 15 seconds to find this: Once you pay to ship your old engine to them, and to ship this one to you, and then pay to get it installed, plus any accessories it doesn't come with, I'd be surprised...
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    Used Diesel?

    I've concluded that it's probably not worth buying and installing a used engine, even after a full renovation - I think the total cost (including the value of your labor, and the hassle factor) will add up to about the same cost as buying a new replacement engine, with a warranty. I researched...
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    Cleaning a fuel tank

    I was very glad NOT to see any expanding foam around my tank ;-) Mine was just lying in there, held down by the 2 Aluminum straps, I guess. I looked for evidence if it having chafed against the fiberglass bed, but only saw a few minor 'scuffs' - I figured the rubber liner I used might provide a...
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    Cleaning a fuel tank

    Hi Ken, I thought the same thing - "surely all the gunk accumulates at the low end". But, I could see a little past the baffle with a flashlight - saw gunk on wall and bottom of the tank just past the baffle. I figured that, 'while I'm at it ...' I should probably just do it right. Sure enough...
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    Adding a Staysail on a Removable Inner Forestay on an E 32-3

    Here's a photo of the finished product, and a PDF document with the detailed write-up.
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    Cleaning a fuel tank

    Part 2: full recovery (even better than the original)
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    Cleaning a fuel tank

    Same story from me - finished a month ago. Pictures below. - noticed increasing amount of diesel in main bilge - assumed a tank leak, based on other reports on this forum. - removed tank - discovered small pool of a horrible concoction under lowest point of tank - it overflowed into the bilges -...
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    Sail Slug Strength

    Is this useful at all?; What I'd like to see are slugs with a ball-bearing race in them for minimal friction in the track. There are some available, but they only seem to come with expensive whole systems, like Tidesmarine. I'd like to fid them...
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    How to wire a #2 bilge pump along side #1; possible?

    The pump in my main bilge is wired to the DC panel's 'Bilge Pump' switch - turn it off and that pump doesn't work. But, the pump that's in the forward bilge, where mast water ends up, is controlled by a switch like the one in Loren's post above (mounted in the head). This pump remains active...
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    Windlass Installation for Ericson 32-III

    I've had a few requests for a write-up of my recently completed windlass installation project. A planned knock-on benefit of strongly reinforcing the forward bulkhead for this project was that it gave me a strong anchor-point for an inner forestay, which I've now added so I can fly a staysail or...
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    Butyl Tape

    Thanks! ... options at Amazon: I just ordered a roll.
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    E-38 Anchor Locker Upgrade

    I second the 'leave the rim in place' idea. I removed mine, along with the whole tray, but then I had to build up that rim area so the lid would lie ~level with the surrounding deck, instead of ~3/16 too low. Building it back up was a hassle.
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    Ericson 38 in NJ $16k

    I agree entirely with Christian's assessments of the restoration feasibility, cost and time vs. the $16K asking price (never pay asking price for a used boat). I've adopted the "x Pi" rule of thumb for boat maintenance, repair and restoration when converting my initial estimate (time, cost...
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    Windlass for an E28+

    I think I see a ss rub-strip on the aft edge of the anchor locker, in front of the windlass. It seems like the rode is intended to go forward, over the rub strip and down into the locker, after going around the windlass. This set-up won't have the benefit of the weight of the chain to pull the...