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    Sail cover color choices + logo

    The helmet logo is also available in the PNG format - and can converted over to CAD if necessary. Check your cover guy's requirements (file format, preferred vector or raster) and let me know - we can get it sorted out one way or the other. If you can, you would want to get it actually sewn...
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    Sail into Slip if Engine Fails?

    I kept my dingy on a small rota mold float I built in front that I could run into/up on to if needed... I sailed back to the dock a number of times - for practice mostly - but then twice out of necessity.... //sse
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    Spent the night aboard working on the engine...discovered something new to me...

    Yeah, lots of openings - the reason why you get rain water down your mast and into your bilge. You should hear the rigging during a gale while on the hook - the halyards stop rapping because they're held in place by the wind, and all you get is a odd 'moaning' of wind over the spreaders. //sse
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    New Ericson Owners

    Congrats on the boat John. Commencement Bay is nice and Quarter Master Harbor is great for short overnights. I used to be tied up in front of Johnny's Dock over on the Thea Foss waterway and spent much time in the South Sound as well as Seattle and the islands. You'll have much fun with your...
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    How to get off MAURIPRO Sailing newsletter mailing list?

    That's odd - there is supposed to be (at a minimum) at the very bottom of any communication a method of releasing you from the mail list. One way I've dealt with recalcitrant business spammers like this is to mark them out as junk - so they're filtered out and you don't see the traffic. That...
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    Brion Toss, RIP

    I forwarded the following to his people along with the image above: On behalf of and our members, I would like to offer our condolences to Brion's family and friends on his passing. We had Brion over to our 2005 Northwest Ericson Rendezvous in 2005 when we were staying in the...
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    Brion Toss, RIP

    Wow - that is so sad. Yes, he was at the 2005 NWER and gave a little talk on rigging. We were right across from his loft.... I remember I bought one of his harnesses and a set of ratcheting blocks to go up my mast.
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    Polars for an ericson 38

    Yep - it's in the archives (Resources) module.... //sse
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    Comment by 'Sean Engle' in media 'Indigo 2020-spring.jpg'

    That is one good looking boat!
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    Honk if you're!

    I had one of these as well - worked very well. This an one of those .25 mile search lights for nighttime idiots...
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    Factory Document Merriman Binnacle Catalog 2020-05-22

    Typical on the E35; this Merriman Binnacle catalog outlines their products and associated pieces; provides part numbers and some dimensional data. Thanks Max for the contribution to the archive!
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    2020 PNW Rendezvous - July 17-19, 2020 - Genoa Bay Marina

    I know this won't come as much of a surprise to anyone, but it appears that we're going to have to cancel our trip up there in July due to COVID and associated family scheduling. If anyone is looking for a close-in accommodation for the event, we were going to be staying at a placed in the...
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    E32-3 Survey & questions

    Congrats to you on that! Are you going to give her a COVID-related name??? :egrin: