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    Ice box drain

    Probably not really an issue, unless your carton of milk is leaking inside the icebox. But my impression is that you shouldn't leave the drain open all the time, as it just lets more dense cold air fall into the bilge.
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    Captain Q Yacht Hunter YouTube review of Ericson 38-200

    If any of you follow the Captain Q Yacht Hunter YouTube channel, he just released a review of a 1988 Ericson 38-200. This particular boat was pretty tired looking and didn't show too well, and frankly did not even look worth the asking price of $47K. And I was sure amused to see that the boat...
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    Seepage at keel bolts E 38-200 (E 381) recurring issue?

    Just to add to Loren's comments about the possibility of a worn trans cable being the issue, it could also be a poor routing of the transmission cable. I documented this a long time ago when I snapped my transmission cable and found that it had been routed through much too tight of a bend...
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    e34-2 anchor rode -- chain length?

    Unless you anchor in coral I would think that's a lot of weight on the bow of your E34. I'd go with one "shot" or 90 feet of 5/16" myself, coupled with 250' or so of 5/8" nylon.
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    Ericson 41 In Good Old Boat

    That is just beautiful, and certainly well maintained. But from the looks of the waste hose rigged on deck and coiled by the bow it sure doesn't look as if she gets underway too often.
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    Which keel do I have?

    Well I seem to have lost most of the boat, but here is a shot of the shoal draft keel for a 38.
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    Just bought 1988 28 first things to do?

    How exciting. Your challenge now is to balance boat projects with getting out on the water and enjoying your new adventure. Great comments above about the engine and stuffing box. I was going to suggest that you go over the boat as if you were taking her out on a charter, learning where...
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    38-200 Post base in cabin?

    Well I said I've been wrong before. Dang, that's twice in one thread - I'll go away for awhile.
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    38-200 Post base in cabin?

    Wonder what's up with your mast mounted table support. Never seen one like that - do you think it's original? I'd be amazed if those bolts are tapped into the mast plate, as that application just screams out for robust backing for the bolts - but I've been wrong before and will again. Since...
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    38-200 Post base in cabin?

    I guess I'm confused here, but where does the table or table base fit into all this? That pole in David's photo looks like the support rod forward of the mast on the 38-200, meant to hold the deck down - not the table support. (Here's a photo of it on Rag Doll.)
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    38-200 Post base in cabin?

    Well......I guess I was sort of right. ; ) Tom above asked if this could be the result of the subsidence that some of us with 38s have seen. I guess it could, but that looks like a really big drop - what is the height of that wood pad, like 2" or so? That would be a lot of subsidence, and...
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    38-200 Post base in cabin?

    Well I can't provide a photo anymore, but I'm positive that on my '89 model that pole was fastened directly to the thick mast plate you can see supporting the mast and spanning those three "stringers". My understanding was that the function of the pole was to hold the cabin roof down, and...
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    Need jib sheet recommendation for 38-200

    Well I'm going to go against the grain here, in that I used12-strand New England 5/8" Regatta Braid (60' each) for my jib sheets. They fit the self tailing winch really well, and they are super comfortable on your hands.
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    Battery Replacement

    That was pretty much my approach. I had a couple of the largest 12V batteries I could fit (group 31?) as my main bank, and used it for everything, house and starting. Worked just fine. I did have a separate size 27 starting battery as a back up in case the main bank somehow got run down to...
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    Seepage at keel bolts E 38-200 (E 381) recurring issue?

    Well I hate to disagree with Christian, but in my experience the issue with keels needing to be dropped is a common one. And also there IS a design flaw that allows the interior pan and cabin sole to sag and throw off the cabinetry and door jams. Our 1989 model 38-200 had all these issues...