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    Epoxy -- West System Tutorial

    One of the benefits of boating on Saginaw Bay in Michigan many years ago was having the Gougeon Brothers "West System" firm in town. Getting to take their "Glue U" course was a real treat.
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    E34-2 Anchor Locker Drain Clog

    In my experience that fitting is only accessible if you have REALLY narrow shoulders or very long arms. I was able to replace the hose once, but it was (quite literally) a real pain. As for the clog, I once had to unclog mine during a cruise, and used hot (almost boiling) water down the hole...
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    Just sold my 31 year old Porta Bote

    When we sold Rag Doll back in 2004 I did post it here first. But an Ericson 38 is worth traveling for. No way you could afford to ship a $500 Porta Bote. Which, by the way, cost me $969 in 1990. The new designs with the square transom are great for use with an outboard, but these older...
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    Just sold my 31 year old Porta Bote

    So I noticed the other day that the 8 foot Porta Bote dinghy for our Ericson 38 Rag Doll was still sitting unused in our garage, so I thought I would try selling it on Craigslist. By now it was 31 years old, and had not even been unfolded in 17 years, so I rather expected it to crack when I...
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    Kinleven mast ladder [and mast climbing issues]

    Since we're talking going up the mast, I thought I would post a link to an article I wrote on the subject a few years ago, published in Good Old Boat and Ocean Navigator. Using any type of mast ladder system scared me to death, so of all the techniques available I preferred a climbing harness...
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    Adding Batteries to a Bank

    This is a HUGE topic, and I would say get a book or two by Nigel Calder and start reading. You'll get at least as many opinions here as there are sailors on this board. One point you might not appreciate is that you should not combine old and new batteries in one bank, so it wouldn't be a good...
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    Anyone with an old Harken furler know what this part is?

    There is another option that is essentially free and wouldn't require a trip aloft - use a pendant to achieve full hoist to raise the upper swivel. When we bought our E38 the original owner had just replaced the jib halyard, having wrapped the wire around the forestay and truly messed things...
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    One solution and one question (maybe two in one) >>>

    First time I changed the oil in my tranny I sucked out all I could, and then just added fresh oil to the mark. But I had a heck of a time being able to actually see the oil level on the dipstick, as the new clean oil seemed to be almost invisible. Maybe there was something different about my...
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    Anchor Chain and Rode

    Unless you are anchoring in coral I would cut the chain down to 1 "shot", or 90 feet, and 200 to 250 feet or rode. Your present rig seems like a LOT of weight for the fine bow of a 38.
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    Bruce Anchor Chock

    I don't have one either, so I can't really help you. But that does not seem to make any sense. What holds the anchor down? And could it be any more in the way sticking up in the air like that? Does one of the end flukes fit inside that slot? That might make more sense.
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    Single hand reefing...thoughts on this idea >>>

    I asked about single line reefing when I ordered a new main for my 38 a few years ago. But the loft said no way they would ever install any type of single line reefing on any boat larger than 27 feet, as the forces and friction just got too great. Sounds reasonable to me.
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    Hhhhhhhhhoisting the mainsail E32-200 1990

    Yes it was expensive, and perhaps heavy, but our Harken battcar system was amazing - one of the best things we ever did to our E38-200. I could raise the main to within a foot of full hoist by hand. And when single handing I could drop the main in about two seconds into the lazy jacks just by...
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    Mystery Water in TAFG (Solved, Sort of)

    Egad - that is the cleanest and driest bilge I have ever seen!
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    Mystery Water in TAFG (Solved, Sort of)

    Sure wish I had pictures, but the "sump" or "engine pan" under the engine on my 38 did not have any opening to the bilge or TAFG - which I always assumed was to keep oil and fuel leaks out of the bilge proper. There was a lip on the aft edge of the pan that separated the engine pan from an area...
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    Epoxy strength

    I took the in house "Glue U" course at West Systems in Bay City, MI many years ago, and I remember something similar being mentioned. As I recall a workaround was to first wet out surfaces with un-filled epoxy, and then follow up with thickened epoxy to ensure the best bond.