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anchor locker

  1. N

    E34 anchor well... how much rode?

    This is a question for E34 folks: --> If you have an E34, how much rode (and of what dia.) can you cram in the tiny anchor locker / well? My anchor locker is... tiny, compared to other much smaller boats I have seen. I think they sacrificed it to make a roomier V-berth. Anyway, before I go...
  2. Anchor Locker Labors

    E26-2 Anchor Locker Labors

    Anchor lockers are covered in-depth around here - this is my story of addressing this area. I'm thankful for this community and all the others who did this project before me so I could have a reference. Materials used: ACX Plywood, 1708 fiberglass cloth, TotalBoat polyester resin, Totalboat...
  3. N

    Anchor locker leak question (E35-3)

    I'd appreciate any comments re: rebedding/solving leaks in the anchor locker of an E35-3 (well, E350, which seems to be related but not quite the same from some of the pictures posted on the forum). The current pan seems to have been recaulked in the past, and while there is no evidence of...
  4. Repainting the Hull and Anchor Locker Improvement

    E35-3 Repainting the Hull and Anchor Locker Improvement

    After she was hauled in Rockland, she was quickly brought in the booth and the prep started. It was now September, and we were racing to get the boat back to our yard for the winterizing and storage. Most of these pictures are just like so many others, so I will just let them talk. However...
  5. Spiny Norman

    E35-2 Anchor and Anchor Locker Set Up

    Hello Everybody, I'm replacing the old Sea Tiger manual anchor windlass with an electric Lewmar. In doing this I need to replace my old 50' of 3/8 chain and 150' feet of 5/8" 3 strand with G40 3/8 chain and maybe yes/maybe no on the rope. My main issue is if I move to 200' of chain, I end up...
  6. jfischman

    Looking for fiberglass repair shop for hatch repair

    Hi all: Can anyone suggest a shop in the Annapolis-Edgewater area that can repair a badly rotted anchor deck hatch? It's a small deck hatch on a 1990 Ericson 28. The wood core has rotted but the top non skid seems intact. I'm looking for someone to grind out the wood, replace it, and reglass...