battery switch

  1. Adding Additional House  Batteries via the Starter Battery Cable

    E32-3 Adding Additional House Batteries via the Starter Battery Cable

    Summary: If you mount a remote OFF-1-2-ALL (let's call it a OFF-HOUSE-START-ALL) switch to the end of the Starter battery cable, that cable then becomes dual-use for multiple banks. Say, for example, to keep the existing Start battery on the START side of the remote switch and then to add one...
  2. davisr

    wiring bilge switches when using ACR and 1/2/Both/Off Switch

    In doing the research and planning for the rewiring of my boat, I've frequently consulted Don Casey and Nigel Calder, but I've found Maine Sail's many pictures and postings to be especially helpful, especially when planning the main circuit. Maine often discusses the use of an Echo or ACR and...
  3. L

    30+ Battery switch replacement

    Last year about this time I started a thread about the battery switch on my 1984 30+ which had been broken by marina staff awkwardly attempting a repair. My concern was replacing the switch while being able to maintain the stock panel. I managed to rig the switch to get through the summer...