1. N

    How to secure stuff behind the electrical / breaker panel

    I am finally getting around to installing my AIS (well, more motivated as my local race organization now requires AIS; I have been delayed by the hassles of the tiny wires (have seen Christian's post re: those; thanks for that!) and the need for the NMEA 2000 backbone/trunk line adding...
  2. M

    Shore power not working

    Hi guys, I have a 1972 E27. My shore power cut out on me, I am a liveaboard and was running a heater at the time. My outlets are not getting power. I checked the dockside circuit breaker and it was fine and the dockside pedestal I plug into still has power. I have checked connections, my main...
  3. chtaylor

    AC Breaker Replacement

    Hi All, My 77 E-32-2 has house type AC circuit breakers located under the galley sink and I'm thinking of replacing them with a Blue Sea panel to be located on the bulkhead near the DC panel. The current breakers are difficult to see and access, not labled and get in the way when trying to...
  4. CSMcKillip

    AC breaker size I have installed an air conditioner in the forward birth, it replaced an older unit we had, The new unit draws 11 amps and I do not know what size the breaker...
  5. D

    e-38 breaker panels

    I recently replaced both the AC and DC panels on my 38, and wondered if anybody needed them. Pushbutton type breakers and built in battery switch. Don Wigle Wiggle Room E38 #8 Point Richmond, CA
  6. clohman

    Circuit Breaker Replacement for 12 Volt Panel

    I need to add a 5 amp breaker switch to the empty "accessory" slot on my 12 volt panel for a 1986 32-III. Has anyone researched which manufacturer and model # to consider? Thanks in advance for any input.