1. T

    E-29 Owners - Help! (backstay/chain plate questions)

    I kicked this around with another member in a private chat, but I wanted to open it up for suggestions. I have nailed down a final design of the chain plates for the shrouds, dry fitting and locating exact bolt holes tomorrow. The Fore stay plate, is pretty strait forward. The back stay...
  2. Christian Williams

    Chainplate Crack Cause, Effect, Theory, RFP

    The backstay chainplate of the '84 Ericson 381 was cracked. Missed by surveyor, because when a boat's transom extends past the slip, it's impossible to see without a dinghy--and when hauled out, a ladder is required. This hefty piece of stainless is 2" x 13" and almost half an inch thick. I...
  3. S

    Chainplates on E-27

    Hello Everyone, I think i already know the answer, but before endeavoring down this significant project I'm looking for a little confirmation. I've attached the center-port chainplate before and the center-pot chainplate after a little polishing. The after shot shows the SS is in good shape...
  4. M

    E-23 MK II Chainplates

    The port chainplate on my E-23 is attached to the plywood bulkhead. It has some delamination and clearly has lost strength. Is it necessary, from a structural point of view, that it be attached to the bulkhead? I can remove the old plywood attachment and replace with solid wood which would be...
  5. Sven

    Chainplates rebedded

    The rigger did a nice job rebedding the chainplates as I'd asked him to do. He put in new rubber gaskets and even had the SS plates polished. It needs some general cleanup but the chainplates look really good :-) -Sven
  6. CaptDan

    E35II Chainplates

    This has probably been discussed before, but I'll ask it anyway: Any E35II owners ever removed their chainplates, and if so how much surgery was involved? Several years ago, I gained access to the port chainplate to repair the rotted bulkhead. That involved a complete dismantling of the...
  7. B

    "Lost In Space" Chainplates on E39

    On the E39, there are two sets of very thick fittings for the shrouds that protrude (permanently) through the deck instead of chainplates. They are attached to (or part of) the "Lost In Space" looking metal structures inside the main cabin. (I say "Lost In Space" because it has large holes in...
  8. E

    Leaking chainplates

    Hi everyone. I know there are many post regarding leaking chainplates on the 38. Mine leaked several years ago and one has developed a small leak again. Last time I paid to have it repaurd this time I will need to do it. My question is on the Starboard Chainplate that the upper and...
  9. Joe

    Bend in chainplates?

    Attached are photographs of the chainplates taken from an E25 CB boat. On the port side the RC logo faces the bulkhead while on starboard side the RC logo faces the cabin (in other words, the chainplate side with two bulkhead holes face the hull while the side with three bulkhead holes face...
  10. J

    Chainplates and Bulkhead - replace?

    What a discovery! Someone up there is taking care of me. This is a snap of the chainplate as I discover it today. Had a fuel can tied to the stay on the last trip and never got a look at it. - Thankfull for small miracles! I was planning on taking the boat out early for a winter rehab...
  11. raslocum

    failed chainplates on e-25

    I made a surprising discovery on my e-25 while working on replacing the forward bulkhead just below the mast step. Once the bulkhead was removed, I discovered a stress crack on my starboard side chainplate that had progressed almost completely through the entire strap. I'd guess that less than...
  12. J

    Plan to Replace Chainplates on an E29

    The existing chainplates on my E29 need replacement due to corrosion, and are glassed into the hull interior. Each side is basically a sideways ' E' design with the horizontal backbone of the 'E' glassed to the hull and the three protrusions of the 'E' being the chainplates themselves, which are...
  13. B

    Re-seating Chainplates???

    i have a slight bit of rust/discoloration showing around the edges of my forestay chainplate- externally at the bow- it otherwise looks fine, but suppose i really ought to remove and inspect fully- any tips, suggestions for this prodedure? do i use 5200 to then re-seal the screws and...
  14. S

    E35-2 Original Construction Re: Chainplates

    New owner.. finally got enough courage to remove trimwork to expose my main chainplates. Expected to find rotten wood (as most of the bulkhead, port, is rotten at top) but was surprised to find both port and stbd chainplates firmly bolted to 1" of glass tabbed to hull sides. WOW. I was...
  15. P

    e29 chainplates

    I have recently purchased (free)a 1975 e29,this is not my first sailboat I had a s2 26 I sold last year.THE boat has been sitting for 10 years and has some water in it.Ive rebuilt a couple of boneyard boats before and this one isnt that bad,my question is about all the chainplates,how are they...
  16. B

    Reinforcing Chainplates

    On my E25 that I am refitting, the chainplates have leaked over the years and I am concerned about their strength in relation to the bulkhead. To repair the problem, I have come up with tow choices and would like other's opinions. Choice 1, I will remove the existing chainplates and...
  17. D

    E29 chainplates

    I own a 1978 Ericson 29 I would like to know how the chainplates are atached to the hull and also if they should ever be replaced.