1. R

    Wanted Mail Sail for E36 RH

    I need a main sail; for my 1981 Ericson 36 Ron Holland design, used or new. Email me rgraham-at-tazmoe.com Replace the -at- with the @ sign. Hopefully this will reduce spam. Thanks, Robert

    1981 E-36 Ron Holland

    Considering a E-36 RH. Its a 28+ years old. So, what are the potential pitfalls unique to an E-36 a survey needs to concentrate on. Is there balsa core below the water line, Lifeline stantion/balsa core deck issues, hull/keel joint, rudder post, standing rigging/mast?
  3. Sean Engle

    New Doc: E33, E36 Owner's Bulletin (Jan 1983)

    Just posted: A 1983 E33 and E36 Owner's Bulletin regarding rigging and trim characteristics. The document is out in the Docs Index - under both the E33 and E36 listings. To download, go to the Docs Index, or Click Here! Thanks to Keith Parcells for the contribution! :egrin: //sse
  4. K

    used Ericson (E-36 RH)

    Hello, I will be looking at a 1982 Ericson 36 soon. I plan to sail the Puget Sound, the inside passage and do some costal runs down to Oregon. I will be sailing solo and sometimes with one other person. I don,t know much about these boats and how they handle on their different points of sailing...
  5. I

    E-36 propane tank storage

    I have a 1976 Ericson 36C and want to have two 20lb propane tanks on the boat. I am thinking about buying a premade fiberglass storage locker that holds the two tanks and putting it in the place of the teak cooler/console box in the cockpit. I would probably try to skin the outside with teak and...
  6. R

    Need Info about E-36 Ron Holland

    Hello All, I have one of these beasties and I would like any info at all about them. Sail characteristics, sea worthiness... I'm restoring this one (started out as a few minor repairs... 2 yrs ago) I've striped it down, removed headliner, what was left of a substitute floor, various...