enwr 2005

  1. NWER.2005 - 89.jpg

    NWER.2005 - 89.jpg

    Blind dingy race and afternoon cocktails...
  2. NWER.2005 - 85.jpg

    NWER.2005 - 85.jpg

    Blind dingy race and afternoon cocktails...
  3. NWER.2005 - 84.jpg

    NWER.2005 - 84.jpg

    Blind dingy race and afternoon cocktails...
  4. NWER.2005 - 82.jpg

    NWER.2005 - 82.jpg

    Look who we were lucky enough to get to come in to chat with us on a Saturday afternoon - but Mr. Brion Toss - author of the 'The Riggers Apprentice', lots of other books and his rigging company - himself! http://briontoss.com/
  5. NWER.2005 - 79.jpg

    NWER.2005 - 79.jpg

    Day sail on Saturday...
  6. NWER.2005 - 75.jpg

    NWER.2005 - 75.jpg

    Day sail on Saturday...
  7. NWER.2005 - 69.jpg

    NWER.2005 - 69.jpg

    Day sail on Saturday...
  8. NWER.2005 - 66.jpg

    NWER.2005 - 66.jpg

    Folks arriving at Port Townsend
  9. NWER.2005 - 63.jpg

    NWER.2005 - 63.jpg

    Reverse view from the other end of the dock.
  10. NWER.2005 - 61.jpg

    NWER.2005 - 61.jpg

    Ericsons, Ericsons - as far as the eye can see! That year the Rendezvous was held at Point Hudson Marina, Port Townsend - an old WWI era military installation.