1. Sean Engle

    Searches in EY.o

    I am currently in the process of updating this database, and will be updating this thread, however I wanted to provide some immediate info for those of you who have been having trouble searching for specific Ericson model numbers. Look at the responses to this thread for specifics. Once I get...
  2. Sean Engle

    EY.o 2.0 - Upgrade & Bug Report

    This thread will have on-going discussion about the new site. Please feel free to post your comments and questions. To visit the new site during construction please follow the link below, and thanks again for your support of www.EricsonYachts.org! www.EricsonYachts.org/home.php //sse
  3. Sean Engle

    New EY.o Splash Screen Page

    By request - I've just created a new page that will (when it's finished) show all the images from the front page rotation. From the front page, follow the link that appears above the image: "Want to see all the splash screen images? Click here..." You can also just click on the image...
  4. Sean Engle

    Leaving EY.o? Stopping Mail & Correspondence

    Leaving EY.o? Stopping Email & Correspondence If you have an existing EY.o Information Exchange account, and want to stop receiving mail from either other users and/or the admin (me) - either for a little while or for good - see below. If you wish to update your email address, please see this...