1. Engine Instrument Panel - Part 1

    E26-2 Engine Instrument Panel - Part 1

    Just another instrument panel refresh on a 37 year-old boat. There's plenty of postings from other folks around here to draw inspiration from. These are the steps leading up to installation on the boat. I set out for functionality and strength over beauty. I shared this vision with the...
  2. Inexpensive & Uncomplicated Binnacle Compass Light Upgrade

    E32-3 Inexpensive & Uncomplicated Binnacle Compass Light Upgrade

    One day I lifted off the cover from the compass on Rumour to look at the wheel brake mechanism. While I had it open I noticed there were two electrical leads completely disconnected and close to making contact. While it makes perfect sense I never thought there would be a compass light on the...
  3. D

    Tricolor masthead wiring

    In the process of new standing rigging for the new-to-me E35 III we put in a new LED tri-color mast-head light to replace the just-barely existing incandescent fixture. The mast wiring was easy (ish) with the conduit and all, but there is no wire for the the running-lights part of the tricolor...
  4. J

    Replacement Interior light bezel's and LED Bulbs for Ericson 27' 1977

    Do you know where I can purchase replacement white plastic bezels that cover the interior lights in the cabin? (See photo below) Also, I would like to replace the bulbs with LED bulbs. Please let me know which ones work and voltage?
  5. Mikebat

    LED cabin fixtures

    Found some good ones, thought I'd pass along my review. EuroLED Dual Color Red/White Lamp This Hella fixture is nice and bright, and has four dimmer levels for each color. controlled by built-in touch-sensitive switches. The white light casts a noticeable beam or spot, but the spot is...
  6. Bolo

    LED Anchor light

    I have an E-32 III (1987) and am thinking about changing the "standard" anchor light with a low draw LED light, preferably one that will replace the current incandescent type bulb Has anyone done this yet and if so what LED bulb did you use or is a completely new fixture required? I'm not...
  7. Sven

    Problems with Dr. LED ?

    Since we just bought a few this thread is a bit disturbing: http://tinyurl.com/yedwjqw -Sven
  8. K

    LED bulbs

    I want to replace some of my interior bulbs with LED's. Having a tough time trying to figure out what to do. I don't want to start replacing fixtures. The fixtures are all original. Just want to brighten things up for reading in the V-birth and the settee area. Getting old. I have the...
  9. Sven

    Great little LED flashligts at CostCo

    These flashlights were 3 for under $12 at CostCo. O-rings at both ends, two brightness levels (4 or 14 LEDs on), run off 3 AA batteries. They feel really solid and are just under 6" long. -Sven
  10. Sven

    LED dome lights

    This non-sailing weekend we installed some DR LED MARS LED (red-white) dome cabin lights at $71.99 ea. from Defender. We replaced the existing 5" dome lights and other than the cost we're quite impressed. The 3 watt LED puts out a lot of light and the fixture is barely noticeably warmed by...
  11. S

    Cheap LED replacement for existing cabin fixtures

    I read the posts here and looked at fixture replacement as well as bulb replacement & decided to go a different route. The 9 LED strip I used is $13, guarenteed for life and draws .07 amp. It has the apparent luminosity of the two 10 watt incandecent bulbs it replaces (.833 amps *2) although...
  12. M

    LED Bulb Comparison's / Review

    Hi All, I went ahead a acquired five different high output interior 12v LED bulbs for comparison. I wanted to capture the actual beam width and the light color as best I could. I brought the bulbs home and set them up in my garage to shine on the back of the white garage door. I placed the...
  13. simdim

    Suggestions for LED bulb replacements

    Folks, I am slowly moving around the boat changing incandescent bulbs to LEDs - had started with navigation lights. Next project is cabin lights - and there are a lot of varieties of LEDs on the market, however I am looking for the usual insight from people on this forum to identify what works...
  14. R

    Converting ABI Nav Light from Zenon to LED

    Hello All, I thought I'd share this with you how to convert a 7 inch ABI Nav Dome Light from Zenon to LED. I did this just for the heck of it. I'll just decribe the photos... 1) Of course the bulb holder wouldn't line up for the Lunasea G4 6 LED Warm White bulb. 2) Had to drill an extra hole...
  15. simdim

    Replacing 12v bulbs with LED

    Folks, Had anyone entertained an idea of replacing 12v bulbs with LED bulbs? If yes what was the brand and were there any issues? I am thinking of attacking running lights and mast lights first. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers, Simon
  16. R

    Sensibulb LED's are excellent!

    I just did a side-by-side comparison between the standard incandescent fixture on my E38 and converting the same fixture to a Sensibulb LED from www.sailorssolutions.com I converted one of the three lights over the galley. The Sensibulb is brighter, slightly warmer in color and easy to...
  17. F

    LED bulb replacements found a great website

    Thinking about picking up a few bulb replacements for the stock Ericson interior lights -- check out the website.. I've never done business with them before but tempted to make an order and see how they work. Prices seem very resonable...
  18. B

    Replacement LED bulbs for cabin

    FYI: I'm in the process of switching out my incandescent bulbs for LED arrays. For those interested, you might wish to go to www.superbrightleds.com. My E27 uses the 1156 mount bulb. http://www.superbrightleds.com/cgi-bin/store/commerce.cgi?product=OTHER Bob