1. trickdhat

    Holding tank fitting sealant

    I did a leak test on a new holding tank today. The sender and inlet were fine. The inspection plate had a drip after a few hours, but the vent and outlet did not seal. Both are 90s, so they need to be a specific orientation. Ronco says the fittings should dry seal and I've read if they don't...
  2. E

    Dissolving Sealants

    The chain locker on my '91 Ericson 34 is a fiberglass pan fit through a hole cut into the deck and held there with screws and sealant. I'm trying to remove it but scraping the old sealant from under the joint is taking forever and I'm damaging the gelcoat in the process. Can anyone suggest a...
  3. E

    Ericson 34 - leaking chain locker

    I was getting water into the forward end of my V-berth and after removing the boards that separate the berth from the the back end of the chain locker and the bow, I located what, I THINK, is the source of the leak. The chain locker is actually a fiberglass box dropped into a hole in the deck...
  4. N

    Marelon Ball Valve Thread Sealant ?

    Marelon Ball Valves Something amazing today. While removing 2 Marelon Valves in our 1986 E32-3 they BOTH EASILY UNSCREWED! The new Marelon valves say to use teflon tape for thread sealant but before I do that I would like to know what Ericson used. Whatever it was held leak tight for 23 years...
  5. F

    does exhaust manifold gasket need sealant?

    I'll be ordering a new exhaust bracket gasket for my Universal 25x engine. Do you have to put some kind of permatex gasket sealear on a new gasket on a hot exhaust system?
  6. D

    Keeping Sealant - Prolonging its freshness

    About two months ago, I hauled my boat out and re-caulked all the thru-hull mushrooms and replaced the ballvalves with proper seacocks. I bought a big tube of 3M fast cure 3200, knowing it would be more than I needed, but the smaller tubes wouldn't be enough....and I hate to waste anything...
  7. M

    Removing Sealant on Ports

    I just removed my ports in the cabin of my E35. Is there a solvent which will remove the sealant from the aluminum frames more efficiently than a chisel and wire brush?