1. Shadsboat

    Fuel gauge sendiing unit E38

    Hello, My fuel gauge sending unit died and I am trying to replace. Anyone out there have experience? My tank is original 54 gallon on a 1984 E38. Thanks, Paul
  2. J

    Fuel Tank Sending Unit 1978 E27

    I need to replace the sending unit on my 1978 E27. Has anyone done the same and have any advice on pitfalls to look out for. I'm also wondering if I need the exact part or if there are universal units. I'm hoping to get the part before removing the current unit. Thank you in advance, James
  3. A

    oil pressure sending unit

    1974 35 II # 325 hi all i need a little help. my oil pressure sending unit went bad. i brought the bad unit with me to napa for a replacement. there weren't any identification markings on the old unit. the replacement unit i purchased (stwart warner)isn't the correct unit. the oil pressure...
  4. F

    Diesel Sending Unit for 1986 38-200

    Hello, I've got a defective diesel sender unit and wonder if anyone can suggest where I can get a new one for my 1986 38-200. I posted this message before without checking the box to allow email responses. Pretty dumb on my part. So please do consider this a new post. Thanks. Frank Z.
  5. F

    Gas Sending Unit for 1986 38-200

    Hello folks, I'm a new member and new Ericson boat owner (in fact, this is my first sailboat!). I'm looking forward to the whole experience. Thanks in advance for welcoming into your world. As you might suspect, there are some items to deal with on my 1986 38-200, though the boat (renamed...