1. J

    In Search Of 1979 E27 Cradle

    I recently moved to a marina closer to my home and they are pushing on my getting for a cradle for winter storage. Either that or unstep the mast and put it on stands, which they really seem to dislike. Does anyone have a cradle they would like to part with or specs to build the cradle. I am...
  2. Y

    E28 Emerg. Tiller or Specs Wanted!

    We have a complete boat with the YS Wheel Option, with the exception of the Emergency Tiller. Anyone know where one can be purchased? Or does anyone have the specifications such that I could have one made? Thanks!
  3. H

    Cradle specs for E23 Fixed Keel

    Hi First post as I just bought an Ericson 23 2 days ago! Nice little boat from 1970. The problemI have is that the boat does not come with a trailer or a cradle. I do have access to a crane at my local Marina, and they can move cradles around the yard, but I need to build the cradle first...
  4. S

    e 35 2 standing rigging specs

    Hi all, I am in the proccess of re-rigging my 1970 E 35 2 but the yard I been having the work done in has mis-placed my original rigging:confused: I was looking in the archives for the factory size and lengths but I could not find any...does anyone have them or know where I can find them? Also...
  5. Keith Parcells

    Torque Specs for M25

    Does anyone know where I can find torque specs for an M25 for the following; Damper plate to flywheel Trans to bellhousing Bellhousing to engine block thanks,
  6. B

    E27 standing rig specs

    Just unstepped and stepped the mast on my E27 for the first time. Am considering getting a loos meter to help tune the rigging. Does anyone have guidelines for the desired tension in each of the shrouds? Thanks, Bruce Hedman E27 Entropy Alexandria, VA
  7. B

    35-2 Steering chain and cable specs

    Does anyone know the specs for the steering chain and cable on an E-35? ie: what size sprocket chain, how many feet, how many fet of cable on each end of that. I want to put a fresh made up set away for emergency replacement. I could take the whole thing out and have it duplicated, but I'm...
  8. Captain Crunch

    Dodger Specs

    Hello, Im looking for some specs for making a dodger for my 35' MK-II. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  9. L

    Ericson 35-3 Prop Specs

    Does anyone out there know the prop specs for a 35-3 with the M25 engine?
  10. wheelerwbrian

    Specs and Docs

    I'm been trying to access a spec doc from http://www.ericsonyachts.org/specs_and_docs/frameset.htm but all I get is a "The page cannot be displayed". Anyone else having this problem or is it just me...?
  11. B

    Torque specs for Ericson 34 keel bolts

    Does anyone know the torque specs are for the eight 1-inch bolts and the four 1/2-inch bolts on an Ericson 34? Is it 250# for the 1-inch bolts and 125# for the others? Thanks. -- Brooke
  12. S

    keel bolt torque specs

    Does any one know what the torque foot pound specs would be for keel bolts on a 1990 Ericson 28? I would like to tighten them up as routine maintenance on this fine vessel I just purchased. The diameter of the bolts are 1". Thank you in advance, Sam
  13. Mariner's Honey

    '73 E29 Propeller Specs

    Hello, I'm looking for advice on replacing the propeller on my '73 E29. It currently has a one cylinder Yanmar inboard. I believe it orginally came with a Atomic 4. The present propeller was installed by the previous owner, but was cut/shaved for some reason. Well as you can imagine the...
  14. J

    E-38 Rigging Tension Specs

    We are in the process of replacing(1-3 cables at a time)the standing rigging on our 1982 Ericson 38. We plan on tuning the rigging ourselves. Does anyone have the specifications for the tension we whould set the rigging to? Thanks in advance.
  15. C

    specs andinfo

    hi everyone, does anyone know where i could go to see the specs on an ericson 25.etc.... someone mentioned it to me and now i'd like to go there....thanks alot chip
  16. C

    Finding Specs & Documents

    does anyone know how i get to specs and documents? i want to copy some things about my e 25,,,,,thanks....chip
  17. B

    standing rigging specs- E-25??

    i need to know the correct, i.e. original, wire size for my 1978 E-25 c/b. don't seem to find anywhere in the available literature... thanks, as always~ bgs
  18. B

    standing rigging specs- E-25??

    i need to know the correct, i.e. original, wire size for my 1978 E-25 c/b. don't seem to find anywhere in the available literature... thanks, as always~ bgs
  19. A

    E-27 standing and running rigging specs

    Does anyone have any spec sheets for the E-27 standing and running rigging like the E-26 sheets on the Specs and Documents Doc Index?
  20. R

    Need specs on 1973 E27 Fuel Tank

    I pulled my fuel tank and took it to a local "tank shop" for a new one. They LOST the tank. $%^&*(( I took approx dimensions of the exterior, but not location of the filler opening. I looked at the docs in the Specs/Docs section and none for the fuel tank. Anyone got a drawing? If...