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  1. kiwisailor

    Factory Document Plumbing and Thru Hull Plan 2022-09-13

    Systems Plan for E38
  2. H

    Replacing Seacock Water Intake E27

    I am looking to replace the seacock on my water intake for my 1974 E27 during a haul out. The seacock is in rough shape as you can see. I'm reading that the thru hull is a 1/2" so I'm wondering what size, style, and type of seacock I would need to replace. I'm open to replacing the thruhull as...
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    My daughter helping with the new thru hull install
  4. S

    seacock install

    seacocks have mounting holes for through bolting but this doesn't make sense to me on a fiberglass install. 1- any impact would pull the head of the fasteners through the hull. Even with the blocking. 2-you have more exposed metal [the heads of the fasteners] with very little surface area in...