1. Aries Vane Control Line Updates

    E32-200 Aries Vane Control Line Updates

    I made a couple of updates to the routing of the control lines for my Aries wind vane. My boat is set up with both control lines leading from the vane itself to the port side of the cockpit and then to the wheel hub. The cast aluminum from which much of the vane is made is not smooth and...
  2. The Mechanical Windvane Market

    E32-200 The Mechanical Windvane Market

    Summary By the internet-testimony of their customers, the companies listed here seem to produce quality products, based on the positive reviews one finds on-line. Prices for a new unit range from $3,500 to $7,500 and up. Introduction I wanted to purchase and learn how to use a mechanical...
  3. M

    autopilot vs. windvane

    Question to all....I'm considering whether to buy a windvane automatic steering aparatus, or upgrade my current Autohelm appears both will cost about the same...... I sail an E35II, and singlehand most of the time. I sail off the Oregon coast, and will likely sail up and down...