E34 Pink Panther visit - what I learned (with pictures)

Bobby Steele

Member II
I bought our 1989 E34-2 in 2019. We paid $17k. The Genoa was wrecked in a storm. So we knew we’d have to replace it ASAP. I think that was the biggest ‘issue’. We already planned on taking out the head and putting a compost toilet in. It still had the original propane tank, dated June 1989, and the stove was clearly never used. Everything else… and there was/is a lot… was minor; such as replacing light bulbs, upgrading the bilge pump, cleaning ‘glazed on’ winch grease. I hope the replace the lifelines, but haven’t decided if I should use Dyneema. And, of course - the halyards are gradually being replaced since most are probably original. We only sail the Nyack, NY part of the Hudson while learning to sail - and have no intention of racing.
The V-berth doors on ours have the same issue as you describe.
It’s a very comfortable boat, and handles very well.
So far, since our original purchase, aside from bottom paint and general maintenance, we’ve only had to put an extra $1500 into it. I found a used Genoa for $300 at a local loft.