Ericson 36C Currently on the Pacific Crossing

Hey all-

I also put this in a small thread about us Ericson 36c owners, but wanted to share this also.

Being an owner of a unique Ericson 36c, I communicate with a few others. One of those owners is Shane Engelman. He is from SF and started their journey about two years ago, when they set sail from SF Bay and headed south on their boat "Outrun". Well after exploring the Sea of Cortez and getting some additional boat work done in Mexico, he and his partner Karina set sail across the Pacific 6 days ago on Wed, April 24th. I've been tracking his progress on his PredictWind tracker along with exchanging text messages with him.

I told him I was going to post this so some other Ericson owners can give him a big shout-out for living his dream to go explore.

You can follow tacks on Predictwind and also read some of his early blog posts.
Outrun Blog

He is a member here with some posts about his boat. His username is singlerider:
singlerider - Outrun

You can also shoot him a message at the email he has listed on his blog:

Just thought there might be some people in this forum that would be interested in knowing and reaching out.

I believe they are the only Ericson on the Puddle Jump this year?