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Recent content by Afrakes

  1. Afrakes

    E35-3 Rudder Needs Help?

    Just be aware it is not a quick process. A shop vac can help but you have to do it over and over again.
  2. Afrakes

    E35-3 Rudder Needs Help?

    Do a number (4-5) in the very bottom of the rudder and let gravity do the work. About 3/4"-1" deep should do.
  3. Afrakes

    e38 Shaft Tube Size?

    Sorry you took offense. However I think that it is a real basic thing to know about one's boat. Have you checked to see if you have enough room between the shaft log and transmission coupler for the PSS to fit?
  4. Afrakes

    e38 Shaft Tube Size?

    How are they supposed to know what any boat owner has done to their boat's drive train. Folks modify their boats all the time. You own the boat, you should know. Said as gently as I could.
  5. Afrakes

    Possible Keel Damage Due To Standing Water In Bilge

    On the 81" E-28+ I cut up. The lead keel was encapsulated with no keel bolts. The void between the lead and out FRP was filed with foam. I'd hazard a guess you'll find the same.
  6. Afrakes

    Fall Haul Out

    Hauled this morning. Too much wind to drop the mast. Got all the personal gear off of the dock. Hope to get back to it on Wed. as tomorrow the forecast is for rain. A relief to get it done and out of the way. Sails and the boom are stored away in the attic of the barn.
  7. Afrakes

    Thought it wouldn't happen to me

    Have any of you salt water guys ever thought about occasionally taking the dreaded trailer plugs apart, cleaning the terminals and reassembling with dielectric grease? Just wondering.
  8. Afrakes

    E25 Mast base

    Is this your only concern in purchasing this boat, or is it one of many? Have you had a surveyor look at it? If you see no evidence of water penetration or structural damage on the underside then perhaps it's just an inevitable product of stress and strain given the age of the boat. If this...
  9. Afrakes

    Stress Cracks

    Yes, there is and it takes a lot of time and effort. If they're minor and not a structural problem you just live with them. If they're major it's a different story.
  10. Afrakes

    The end of an era...

    Congrats on the sale.
  11. Afrakes

    Ashes over my shiny Ericson 27

    Evidenced by the bright red, rising sun at first light this morning.
  12. Afrakes

    grounding electric to A4

    Yes. The grounding lug is any point on the block where you can get good contact and easy access. I'm not aware of there being a designated lug on the A4.
  13. Afrakes

    grounding electric to A4

    The grounding lug is on the flywheel cover.
  14. Afrakes

    Wow - looks like a free E38 project when you buy this trailer...

    Our marina charges $8.00 a foot plus $200. to pull a stick. That's why I do it myself.
  15. Afrakes

    35-2 Rudder Post Leak

    Hope the grease "band aid" works until you can get a proper fix.