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    ATN Small Boat Tacker

    I have a brand new, never been used, small boat (33ft.and under) ATN Tacker for sale. If interested I'm asking $95.00 plus shipping.
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    New Bottom Paint by Petit!!!

    I go for brilliance.
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    E28-2 Info....

    Mast is deck stepped. Head room 6'. Tiller vs wheel? Have had both. Due to limited range of motion in my neck, glad I have a wheel. Love how my boat sails.
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    Masthead sheaves frozen.

    Do yourself a favor and skip the heat gun and torch idea. That's not going to get the job done. Next time you send someone up your mast have them take pictures so you know how things are arranged up there. Depending on the mast head configuration you may have to remove additional items to...
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    A very short journey from the sublime to the ridiculous.
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    Yes, there are various degrees of importance. They don't cancel one another out.
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    When I came to the conclusion that the 81' 28+ I purchased was going to cost me about four times to restore what the mast less 87' 28/2 was going to cost, to the dump she went. I stripped everything usable off of the 81'. The mast I adapted to the 87'. for a few years until I was able to...
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    Universal M25XP for sale, used

    Best to post this separately on its own thread in For Sale and Wanted. More details also.
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    Steering Quadrant Stops....What angle do you folks have?

    I don't know about other models but on my boat the factory wasn't very precise on the location of the stops. They are not at the same angle. I had to add a 1" thick spacer on one stop to equalize the swing.
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    What's the most HP an Ericson 29 can handle?

    A4's, which were very common in 29's, put out a theoretical 30hp. The amount of power you want has more to do with what wind and tides you anticipate being up against. The M-12 (about 10hp) I have in the 28-2 does not perform well when I'm facing 15 to 20+ winds on the nose. I'd welcome a...
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    Replacing old fuel lines

    Initially I'm talking about the steel lines. A hydraulic shop might be able replace the rubber fuel lines and salvage the banjo fittings. The copper "crush" washers on those banjo fittings are readily available. Search banjo fittings, there are a number of different options out there.
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    Replacing old fuel lines

    Do some online searching. I remember seeing a video of a mechanic replacing the lines utilizing the existing fittings. I believe that the steel tubing can be replaced with copper and the copper brazed to the fittings.
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    Is my engine a universal model M12?

    What year is the boat? It has similarities to my 87' M-12 but plenty of differences also.
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    Can anyone explain this rudder post?

    Definitely a shaft stop to prevent the rudder from dropping down. I assume the one bolt we see bottomed out against the sleeve is a through bolt. Is that correct Tom? The additional bolts are a mystery. Perhaps related to the original method of installation. Could it be that they held the...
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    E27 replacement rudder head

    That boat is long since gone. You have to measure the outside of the rudder post and the inside of the head to determine the amount of and location of wear. The wear is not going to be even all the way around. With that information you can determine what thickness of shim stock to purchase.