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    Misc. EQ Vinyl Lettering

    For past reference this is the site formerly known as and they were just as awesome then too! The url redirects. I know there are past forum mentions and rave reviews. Maybe it's obvious, but just trying to provide some continuity.
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    Towing Insurance

    On Lake Michigan, Boat U.S. towed me about half a mile from the outer harbor into my slip after an engine failure. $500 for coming out. It may have taken an hour start to finish. Luckily, my insurance (American Family) covered everything, no questions asked, no deductible. Boat US threw in a...
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    WTB 3 sheave deck organizer

    I remeasured to be sure, and the hole pattern on your organizer doesn't match. Thanks again for offering! Will likely end up buying Harkens.
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    Actual Berth Size

    Berth measurements for the Ericson 38-200, aft engine.
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    Refrigerator Organization

    Still working out my system as I just installed the holding plate this spring. So far this combo with basket and Ericson shelf seems to be working well.
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    WTB 3 sheave deck organizer

    No such luck with this search Ken, at least so far. I've scored some real gems in the past thought. I'll keep watching. Something like that, but not exactly that. I'll doublecheck my measurements this weekend, but I believe yours is oversized to fit mine. I'll let you know. I only need one. I...
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    WTB 3 sheave deck organizer

    Has anyone replaced their deck organizers and looking to part with the old? Preferably a 3 sheave. Hopefully compatible with the "Lewmar Spinlock" pictured, as I'd like to stack the 3 on top my existing 4 sheave. 2" sheaves with axles 2.25" on center, I believe. Alternatively, has anyone found...
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    Lighten Up the Cabin

    So far I've been happy with my 4 piece acrylic dropboards. They're all interchangeable with the teak ones so they can be mixed and matched. Had leftover acrylic from the hatches. Cut with a router. Used teak u-channel for the edges. They stow easily with the wooden ones. Sure brightened up this...
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    Qest tubing (drinking water system)

    I used a Sharkbite fitting to replace a cracked L when I replaced my head sink faucet. Super easy, worked great. Threads matched the existing Qest fittings and compression seal was tight on the tubing.
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    WTB - Reefing car/slide for boom

    I have a shelf foot main. Just need the bail, no block. I had assumed it was 1 1/4" track like the rest of the boat (and what Schaefer seems to spec for >30' boats) but will measure next time I'm at the yard. Was just hoping that since so many seem to no longer use them I could find one...
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    WTB - Reefing car/slide for boom

    This is all well and good There are many discussion of reefing systems on the forum. A moderator may wish to move the above discussion out of the "for sale and wanted" section. My initial post still stands. Since many of you seem to no longer use your reefing cars perhaps you have one to part with?
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    WTB - Reefing car/slide for boom

    I'm adding a third reef and wondering if anyone has a reefing car/slide for the t-track on the boom of an E38-200 (probably same size track as other models) they're no longer using. Thanks, Tyler.
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    Attention E38-200 Owners - Sailing Magazine Calling...

    PM'd you. I've only got sailfies - probably not what they're looking for, but they are of the boat under sails. :egrin:
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    Propane tanks to fit molded lockers in cockpit

    I believe the stern bench molding is different between the 38 and 38-200, so the propane locker dimensions may be different as well. But, if it's of any use, I found this 11 lb tank to fit well. Also, being on freshwater, I wasn't concerned about a steel tank vs aluminum. So not sure if that...